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Epic Checkmate

  • United States 
  • Formed: Jul 29, 2013
  • If you want to learn, chat or just have fun playing chess, “Epic Checkmate” is the group for you. We are looking for those who enjoy being part of a team; the ones who like to feel the thrill that “Vote Chess” create. Grand Master (Atalik) is one of our administrators, plus we have other strong and titled players. Welcome! And, as the Latvian GM Alexey Shirov once said: “Let’s Make Fire on the Board!”

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  • LOL or the Whiskey balls hehe! ;-) Good to see you follow the rules.

    by BlueEyedLady 45 hours ago

  • everything but the rum cake im under 18 O.o and its not legal in USA

    by joshawad 45 hours ago

  • ;-) Ginger snaps, chocolate chip, coconut bars, whiskey balls, and a Rum Cake ;-)

    by BlueEyedLady 46 hours ago

  • ok have fun with the cookies! and send me a few ;) lol

    by joshawad 46 hours ago

  • I'm here, but don't have time for a game. Am about to go cook some cookies. Hope you find someone soon ;-) Lots more fun to have a game going! ;-)

    by BlueEyedLady 46 hours ago

  • Anybody out there?

    by joshawad 46 hours ago

  • i need to practice anybody up for an unrated game?

    by joshawad 46 hours ago

  • hi

    by joshawad 46 hours ago

  • Hi Epics ;-)

    by BlueEyedLady 4 days ago

  • hello

    by SomeoneRandom22 7 days ago


Chess Learning Tools

Submitted by Montanez on Jan 22, 2014 posted in Epic Checkmate News
Free Learning Advice (for your students or chess friends, etc.) 1)    For openings and database, download this FREE program.  http://scidvspc.sourceforge.net/ 2)    Questions about the scidvspc program:  http://www.edcollins.com/chess/s...Read More »