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European Chess Federation

  • Europe International 
  • Formed: Jan 31, 2009
  • This team is for admins of European national and regional teams. The team is also the main headquarter for: - European League - European Championships - Team Europe

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  • thankyou Kort ! =-D hi everyone ! <33

    by Zandeleigh 9 months ago

  • hi, I'm an administrator of the local group TEAM NAPOLI-CAMPANIA, and an organizer of the Italian league for groups. There is a tournament for the winners of the national championships? I know that a tournament similar to ours in Italy to play in England.

    by Luigi-P 11 months ago

  • hello everybody thnks for the invitation

    by ILO-PINCI 24 months ago

  • hi

    by ZvonimirZ 24 months ago

  • Thanks Johan :)

    by Adamkos 24 months ago

  • Thanks Johan ;)

    by jaedrez 24 months ago

  • Thanks dear friend

    by Bakre 24 months ago

  • Balkan Chess Unity, Team Mediteran, and Team Galicia added.

    by johanpalmaer 24 months ago

  • Please add Balkan Chess Unity and Team Mediteran in a public profile of the Group. Thanks.

    by Bakre 2 years ago

  • And Team Galicia too :)

    by jaedrez 2 years ago