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Fighting Warriors

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 26, 2012
  • Welcome to Fighting Warriors. A Samurai, is honest, brave and true. He will support his brothers in battle. He will never surrender. Like this noble breed,we will cut a broad swathe through the many opponents we face, at Chess.com. Welcome home.

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  • thank you i am sa and skafandra is also we are good friends

    by charles49 5 hours ago

  • Charles ! how are you ! my friend ? welcome to the tem.

    by euf 6 hours ago

  • Welcome to our newest players I hope you will enjoy our team. Make yourselves at home.

    by skafandra 6 hours ago

  • thanks for the invitation Daywalker01

    by skafandra 28 hours ago

  • welcome to the team daywalker

    by charles49 29 hours ago

  • Hello Warriors, for all you Bruce Lee fans, hope you will participate: http://www.chess.com/tournament/enter-the-dragon4. Great work skafandra :-)

    by Daywalker01 29 hours ago

  • Thanks skaf.

    by Chess007Guy 32 hours ago

  • You look great!!

    by skafandra 32 hours ago

  • Hi skaf.Yeah man.I am really pleased that it happened at last.Thanks for helping me to do it skaf.Very,very much appreciated.Sooper.

    by Chess007Guy 32 hours ago

  • surprise... Robin! wow nice avatar and new nick....

    by skafandra 32 hours ago