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Fighting Warriors

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 26, 2012
  • Welcome to Fighting Warriors. A Samurai, is honest, brave and true. He will support his brothers in battle. He will never surrender. He will never compromise himself, no matter the odds. Like this noble breed,we will cut a broad swathe through the many opponents we face, at Chess.com. Welcome home.

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  • we have a new admn here gshapiroy welcome

    by charles49 3 days ago

  • Your welcome. Thank you for accepting and becoming part of the Fighting Warriors. I hope you enjoy our team matches and discussions.

    by ElvenShadowKing 5 days ago

  • Thanks for your invitation.

    by eg5309 5 days ago

  • i asked frone week no onewanted to help me nowi have someone you want to help you should have hlped when i first asked

    by charles49 6 days ago

  • Please...I will help with invites.

    by Luidefunes 6 days ago

  • i asked elvenshadowking was irst to ask so he got it

    by charles49 6 days ago

  • maybe later luidefunes

    by charles49 6 days ago

  • I want the admin job.

    by Luidefunes 6 days ago

  • Not a problem. Not a problem at all. I will get started making this group grow more at once.

    by ElvenShadowKing 6 days ago

  • thank yo for elpig this team out elvenshadowking

    by charles49 6 days ago