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Fighting Warriors

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 26, 2012
  • Welcome to Fighting Warriors. A Samurai is honest, brave and true. He will support his brothers in battle. He will never surrender. Like this noble breed, we will cut a broad swathe through the many opponents we face, at Chess.com. Welcome home.

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  • Another puzzle. This time without any hint whatsoever. Check it out in Forum Puzzle#1. I see views have multiplied 5 fold. But no comments :( WARRIORS ARE NUMBERING TO 1000 SOON YOOO

    by avijit3001 7 hours ago

  • course if,You can enter the page or send the names, I invite

    by empr14 9 hours ago

  • can i invite my friends t this group? please guide

    by aliniyas 18 hours ago

  • a quiet day, thanks...

    by empr14 32 hours ago

  • Ok thanks.And you?

    by Chess007Guy 32 hours ago

  • Hi Chess007Guy how was your day?

    by empr14 32 hours ago

  • Hi there empr.

    by Chess007Guy 32 hours ago

  • welcome to Flaghting Warrios, thank you for joining:)

    by empr14 33 hours ago

  • Thank you for invite me to this group

    by xisco949 46 hours ago

  • you are welcome haikyuulove!

    by empr14 47 hours ago