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Fischer Fans!

  • United States 
  • Formed: Mar 31, 2011
  • For fans of Bobby Fischer!!! "There's only one right move." -Bobby Fischer

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  • Welcome edgetp! We are very happy to have you on the team :)

    by suzettemy 4 months ago

  • New Match! This one is a 960 :) http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=361356

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • thanks!

    by jelo-amie 8 months ago

  • Welcome jelo-amie who loves Bobby Fischer as much as we do. Thanks for joining us jelo!

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • Today, 6 years ago on this date, Bobby Fischer died. I am far more interested in his life, but may he rest in peace.

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • Time for a new match :)

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • In our last match, which was against 'Roman Catholics', ljschess took 1 point and frsretenovic got a draw but it wasn't quite enough to win the match. The final score was 1.5 Fischer Fans, 2.5 Roman Catholics.

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • Happy New Year Fischer Fans!

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • I like your avatar Luke :)

    by suzettemy 8 months ago

  • cool pics Po, very creative. Cabins are awesome, I want to buy a hunting cabin next year, of course it can double as a chess cabin too lol. All chess players, especially pretty gals, are very welcome :).

    by ant18621 12 months ago