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Frank Marshall golden team

  • United States 
  • Formed: Apr 10, 2014
  • Dedicated to past chess players that have made chess more fun and improved chess for everyone

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  • 7th to 28th of November in Sotij

    by Bobbybeast 84 minutes ago

  • Thank you !!

    by NDsteve 3 hours ago

  • hm early november I think. 5th onwards maybe

    by Bobbybeast 3 hours ago

  • Hi, anyone know when Carlsen defends his title next ?

    by NDsteve 3 hours ago

  • Hi Laurie. I hope you had a good day. Bedtime for me. Good Night Laurie

    by Kenny721 3 hours ago

  • hey kenny ..;-)

    by sleeping-beauty 3 hours ago

  • Have a great evening Steve

    by Kenny721 3 hours ago

  • welcome PiotrUkr,CabbssoG and Rabolisk. Nice people here...

    by NDsteve 3 hours ago

  • wonderful! walnuts are a must in fruit cakes and its the yuletide season soon!

    by telangectasia 17 hours ago

  • Thank you for your kind words about the child which was created by me :) sent your zip by private message/ I will need to go to babushka house who is engaged in their breakdown and persuade their availability in present sec (walnuts). few next steps

    by PiotrUkr 17 hours ago