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French Defense Fanatics

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 16, 2008
  • If you like to play the French Defense or would like to learn more about this interesting opening, this club is perfect for you. We will talk about hot new novelties, our own experience with the French Defense, and all about this counterattacking opening. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

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  • Anybody ever had some pussy

    by alexpawn 11 days ago

  • I am not sure if this has been advertised, so apologies if it has. But, there is a French Tarrasch tournament for 1500+ at http://www.chess.com/tournament/french-tarrasch-quick-tournament

    by repac3161 12 days ago

  • If anyone is interested, i set up a French Defence vs. 1.e4 tournament for players ranked 1300-1600. http://www.chess.com/tournament/french-defence-vs-1e4

    by graklar 2 weeks ago

  • If anyone wants to practice the French Defense w/ me, add me so we can practice on live or online. Thanks!

    by Azanama 2 weeks ago

  • Fellow French Defence Fanatics rated 1200-1700! I challange your French Defence with my Kings Pawn Gambit or you can try your offence against the best version of the French there is - the Advance Variation. Either way - I challenge thee!

    by graklar 4 weeks ago

  • I like to do that also repac :)

    by Skeptikill 4 weeks ago

  • yes, i also do that.. actually, not only in the french, i really like to trade in d4 (or d5) and then to play c5 again. but true that sometimes i was playing Qb6 first to play the "normal" moves. doesn't happen for a while though. (as i also suck in blitz for a while :D )

    by gmdra 4 weeks ago

  • gmdra, I welcome 5Bb5. I play Qb6. I find this is normally followed by Bxc6, bxc6. After which I now place my problem bishop on Ba6 and cause them problems castling. I also like to push my doubled pawns against d4. As a consequence of this I often get to have a backed up bishop on c5 bearing down on the king and a bishop on the adjacent diagonal.

    by repac3161 4 weeks ago

  • ps: my considerations are only practical, probably not the best ones in the theory. Nb4 mainly, i am not sure if it is sch a good move. but has worked with me quite some times.

    by gmdra 4 weeks ago

  • i am talking about this variation: e4 e6 d4 d5 e5 c5 nc6 nf3 qb6 be3 cxd4 cxd4 nb4 bc2 nxc2. i am happy when i manage to do it..ok, the moves can be in a different order, and maybe Bd7 played before Nb4, i am just mentioning it so you get the point. if white does not want to trade the bishop they put it in e2..where it should belong in the first place?

    by gmdra 4 weeks ago


Need another admin

Submitted by KillaBeez on Jun 14, 2009 posted in French Defense Fanatics News
Unfortunately, our friend LucidDream, has been banned for cheating.  I do not believe he cheated, but I trust chess.com was ethical and had some evidence against him.  He was by far our best player.  Now, I need another admin for the group.  P...Read More »