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  • Crust International 
  • Formed: Nov 19, 2012
  • This is a group for all people that love the earth and feel curiosity about his science. All is open and allbody is invited.

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  • To me it's probably the oil and rocks inside the Earth. Oil wells, working out the gravity difference to detect them, and just that general area. I do also have an interest in the ice ages, following the current melt rate of the caps can be worrying though

    by chessman_calum 22 months ago

  • It is very interesting with all kind of earth science, would have been fun to have studied more though.Which part of geology do you find most interesting?

    by klasse 22 months ago

  • I have studied some geology, but most physical geography, at the university and I have then taught some for children age 13-16. So in some ways you can say that I have worked with geology. We had to buy a minor collection of rock samples during the geology courses and I then started to collect some more and also minerals. The focus for my geology and physical geography studies was how the last ice age shaped the Scandinavian landscape and also basic knowledge of different rocks. It is very inter

    by klasse 22 months ago

  • thanks :) I was unlucky enough not to study it in school however, managed to get 1 module in it at university so I'm pretty clued up. I hope I find someone on chess.com who has a job related to geology :)

    by chessman_calum 23 months ago

  • chessman_calum if u hv any prblem regarding Geologywe can discuss it here.im not an expert but i wish i can help.:)

    by al_farabi 23 months ago

  • unfornately i don't :( i only studied it at school, but still interested.

    by Raul93 23 months ago

  • Thanks! So, does anyone have jobs associated with geology? I'd love to do that when I leave here

    by chessman_calum 23 months ago

  • Welcome :)

    by Raul93 23 months ago

  • Hey all - I'm new to the group (joined just now) but I'm on an astronomy course at a university in Wales, and I love the geology lectures every week, so I thought I'd search chess.com for some fellow geology lovers, and hey, I found this!

    by chessman_calum 23 months ago

  • In the absence of the team founder, we have to keep it alive, as physic_dream wanted. Now we have to grow up, inviting members, and start challenges.

    by Raul93 2 years ago