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  • tewkesbury England 
  • Formed: Aug 22, 2008
  • This is a group who believes in paranormal beings any one allowed

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  • Considering I've done nothing at all, it's spooky!

    by artfizz 7 months ago

  • Hello everyone , just got back from my leave from this site , i am very happy to say I am amazed how this group has bloomed ! , well done artfizz !

    by mathsart 7 months ago

  • You mean it could be a human playing tricks?

    by CatFanShogl 18 months ago

  • Are these Yeti researchers ... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/has-the-yeti-mystery-been-solved-new-research-finds-bigfoot-dna-matches-rare-polar-bear-8884811.html trying to win an IgNobel prize?

    by artfizz 18 months ago

  • Hi CatFanShogl! This is an eerily, quiet group. Your note just now made me jump.

    by artfizz 18 months ago

  • Hello! I just joined this. Yesterday at school I was with two friends. We saw the gost of an old lady wearing a chef hat. Then, it disapeared and we soon saw the face in the patterns of the wood in the forbidden area! I wake up this morning remembering that I put a helium filled balloon at the corner of my room, and it moved to the middle of the room, and that same lady face was on it!

    by CatFanShogl 18 months ago

  • I didn't remember that I was a superadmin of this group!

    by artfizz 3 years ago

  • 22 - 19 = 3. You have three Ghost Members. Should I call Ghost Busters (=Kohai) ??? LOL

    by LauriAikio 3 years ago

  • yes,i like:)

    by milad1990 5 years ago

  • ANY INTEREST in the TEAM MATCH challenge that's arrived from the FOOTBALL group?

    by artfizz 5 years ago