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Giants Fans

  • San Francisco, CA United States 
  • Formed: Jun 14, 2009
  • this team is for anyone who is a fan for the San Francisco Giants

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  • hello

    by adithyasara 16 months ago

  • not really

    by meaca 2 years ago

  • does anyone even use this group anymore?

    by SFGuitarSolos 2 years ago

  • Boo Dodgers

    by meaca 3 years ago

  • there is a dodgers group my we like pizza group is playing them at vote chess

    by meaca 3 years ago

  • Walk off Guirllmo Quiroz!

    by EN-viv4jake 3 years ago

  • If there is a dodger fan group we should challenge them

    by SFGuitarSolos 3 years ago

  • Walk off!

    by EN-viv4jake 3 years ago

  • Giants beat them trolly dodgers. POSEY!

    by Phelon 3 years ago

  • Giants playing Dodgers in 2 hours.

    by EN-viv4jake 3 years ago