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GMJoey Fan Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 22, 2012
  • This Group is dedicated to one of the BEST and active GMs on Chess.Com Mr Rogelio Antonio A.K.A GM Joey1. Anyone who appreciate his chess games welcome to join us!

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  • agree with quinhentos1322

    by newnew888 2 weeks ago

  • 90% of Joey's wins are whit beutiful and tactical checkmates. 90% of Joey's losses are on time where the oponent flaggs to win on time moving his king all over the board like there is no tomorrow

    by quinhentos1322 2 weeks ago

  • Watching Joey now. What a pleasure! :)

    by hotelmedicis 3 weeks ago

  • joey is life

    by Zvezda_Spring 3 weeks ago

  • These puns are sickening

    by MatthiasKrantz 3 weeks ago

  • I can see the reason behind his moves...he's a feared chess.com player!

    by TuckerTommy 4 weeks ago

  • i enJOEY all of his beautiful games

    by RelaxXed 4 weeks ago

  • enJOEY ~~

    by newnew888 4 weeks ago

  • 2016 World Champ!

    by AnonymousPi 4 weeks ago

  • welcome new members, enJOEY™!!!

    by Haggard-CC 4 weeks ago