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GMJoey Fan Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 22, 2012
  • This Group is dedicated to one of the BEST and active GMs on Chess.Com Mr Rogelio Antonio A.K.A GM Joey1. Anyone who appreciate his chess games welcome to join us!

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  • hi joey, salamat

    by makiling13 6 days ago

  • I met GM Joey at the 2007 Michigan Open. Not knowing me at all he offered to buy my lunch and we sat and had a nice conversation before going back to the tourney. What a great guy!

    by ceabug 8 days ago

  • Gooooooooooooo Joey Gooooooooooooo

    by Arjee 3 weeks ago

  • Correct, GM = Grand Master, IM = International Master, FM = Fide Master, NM = National Master, SM = State Master, CM = Candidate Master. How about the GMBD? What is GMBD means?

    by RayDuqueIII 5 weeks ago

  • chessredpanda, you're asking who's SA? I'm the SA if GMJoey will approve it. Right now he is the Admin. but this is his group/team. I'm not a member of this group yet but I will join if invited or maybe I can click the "Join Group".

    by RayDuqueIII 5 weeks ago

  • whos the SA

    by chessredpanda 7 weeks ago

  • yes joshuahuxu... GM = Grand Master, IM = International Master, FM = Fide Master, NM = National Master

    by DrRonald 8 weeks ago

  • GM means grandmaster, right?

    by joshuahuxu 8 weeks ago

  • yeah happens sometimes with everyone when not in farm. but most of the time if he loses any game its becos of time not chekmate and his strategy is to win by chekmate not by time

    by Ziik 2 months ago

  • He wins 90% of his games so him losing multiple times to the same person in 1 sitting is starteling

    by chess_jawa 2 months ago