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GMJoey Fan Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 22, 2012
  • This Group is dedicated to one of the BEST and active GMs on Chess.Com Mr Rogelio Antonio A.K.A GM Joey1. Anyone who appreciate his chess games welcome to join us!

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  • http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/my-favorite-player-here-in-chesscom

    by jrandahn 45 hours ago

  • hello gm joey , musta ang tournament mo

    by ROCKDWORLDTAN 4 days ago

  • Nice to be back again..... feeling exhausted but relieved

    by gmjoey1 4 days ago

  • Nice move gmjoey1 against gmhikaru queen sac

    by wEakSLayEr1 6 days ago

  • joey where are you :(

    by newnew888 7 days ago

  • joey is playing 3rd consecutive OTB tourney, i hope he returns here soon :'(

    by Haggard-CC 10 days ago

  • From where is GM joey

    by aryam2006 11 days ago

  • Anyway where is GM joey and why doesn't JOey write anything and is GM joey the group admin.

    by aryam2006 11 days ago

  • joey's OTB will be over tomorrow. PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 Open Division. So in 1-2 days we can enJOEY!

    by Haggard-CC 2 weeks ago

  • I hope he's ok, enjoying life, having margaritas at the beach or something... Ride Eternal Joey, shiny and chrome on the roads of Valhalla.

    by psychedelichigh 2 weeks ago