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  • NEWPORT,VT. United States 
  • Formed: Dec 9, 2010
  • A group of people who really love to play chess.

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  • a lot of people didnt know his music and thanks to bulushi playing his sickness as comedy younger kids found him----mad dogs and englishmen was a fantastic collection of songs---remember playing she came in through the bathroom window about 30 times at a new years party

    by PogueBears 2 months ago

  • I guess its one less friend to get high with! RIP Joe Cocker! We can still share PogueBears!

    by cladclan 2 months ago

  • Thanks Bokek the same to you and your family!

    by cladclan 2 months ago

  • joe cocker has passed--he was so beautiful to me

    by PogueBears 2 months ago

  • Merry Christmas! To Chief and to all Gratefuls!

    by bokek 2 months ago

  • A friend of the devil is a friend of mine...howdy and welcome

    by M_D_S 4 months ago

  • Thanks. It's a Chihuly glass sculpture. (http://www.chihuly.com/)

    by Stalcho 4 months ago

  • Welcome John! I LOVE that tree, what kind is it?

    by NMCthehater 4 months ago

  • Hello! I've met PogueBears in a tournament and he pointed out this group to me.

    by Stalcho 5 months ago

  • our adminisrer times out and I just got the upper hand????

    by PogueBears 7 months ago