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  • NEWPORT,VT. United States 
  • Formed: Dec 9, 2010
  • A group of people who really love to play chess.

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  • That is unbelivably dishonest Stalcho. Keep up the good work man!

    by cladclan 10 days ago

  • I hate cheaters. I reported my opponent in our match against Eurovision and his account has been closed. However, the system hasn't ended our games yet. When the games timeout, we'll have 2 more points. Two obvious red flags are why I reported him: In Online Chess, a 61 game winning streak and his only losses were from timeouts. Plus, his Online rating was ~2000 and his Blitz rating was only about ~1000.

    by Stalcho 10 days ago

  • i cant wait to see it! my curiosity is peaking!

    by NMCthehater 12 days ago

  • I will post a video tomorrow. If you find iy offensive please do not watch it. Ithought it was very funny. I am not condoning the individual or his organization but if he was alive I would assume the story line would be somewhat factual. Thanks!

    by cladclan 13 days ago

  • i didn't know you played the fittle M_D_S! ;)

    by NMCthehater 2 weeks ago

  • I still think you said fennel. By the way what is fennel and what the hell can you use it for. Just joking man!

    by cladclan 2 weeks ago

  • Marc emerged from hibernation in apparently fine fettle. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fettle (the first definition)

    by M_D_S 2 weeks ago

  • I forgot to ask axamaxa but who is that cute child you are holding?

    by cladclan 2 weeks ago

  • Thanks for that info axamaxa. Who is playing with Phil? I didnt know he played chess. That is great to hear!

    by cladclan 2 weeks ago

  • Phil Lesh at the Capitol next week..He plays chess.

    by axamaxa 2 weeks ago