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  • NEWPORT,VT. United States 
  • Formed: Dec 9, 2010
  • A group of people who really love to play chess.

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  • do you love the dead and play games you accept

    by PogueBears 6 hours ago

  • can i join angela

    by AngelaSlaney 12 hours ago

  • Hey thanks Bokek! Whats new man?

    by cladclan 7 days ago

  • Happy fourth of July to my American friends!

    by bokek 7 days ago

  • hey jude into dark star into st stephen and still going gd radio

    by deadahead329 3 months ago

  • Just go for the rats,leave the poor birds alone I think they have a tough enough time surviving on the planet already!

    by cladclan 3 months ago

  • will practice on rats and birds

    by bokek 3 months ago

  • Wow you are dangerous Bokek!

    by cladclan 3 months ago

  • Well, better bring along a big six-shooter, Chief, and I'll load up my pea-shooter

    by bokek 3 months ago

  • I will saddle up now and head on over. Remember there could be a new sheriff in town!

    by cladclan 3 months ago