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Group Chatters

  • Between,Ga International 
  • Formed: Jun 29, 2010
  • You can post Forum topics,photos and comment in our note section. Everyone is welcome. We play Team matches and vote chess.

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  • hi every1...we shuld make this group e #1 group in Chess/.....guys COMMITMENT LEADS TO OUR SUCCESS!!!...

    by v-king1 23 months ago

  • members of group chatters, please join this match http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=213988

    by rishikeshwaran 2 years ago

  • this system is just to messy....

    by arielipi 2 years ago

  • The Touranment was suppose to start yesterday. But did not. We Only have 3 players in it

    by Fullsize 2 years ago

  • For current games you click on matches

    by Fullsize 2 years ago

  • how do i get to the current games of the group page? and when does the tournament start?

    by arielipi 2 years ago

  • We talk with each other,play team matches,play vote chess, Post videos and other things

    by Fullsize 2 years ago

  • i dont really understand the concept of a group, what exactly are we doing as a "group"

    by arielipi 2 years ago

  • :)

    by Fullsize 2 years ago

  • yea i know how it goes. :)

    by defajo 2 years ago