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Hawaii Chess Warriors

  • Honolulu, Hawaii United States 
  • Formed: Nov 20, 2008
  • Aloha! For those from Hawaii or have been in Hawaii or wishing they were in Hawaii, with no Chess.com group!! All welcome! we will have team matches when we have enough players - turn base chess playing! Beginner's to advance! Also willing to help one another! Affiliate Chess club Mililani Chess Club, Pearlridge Mall Chess Club, Windward Chess & Go Club, and Moana Chess club Oh yes Home of the Hawaii Warriors - UH Football team!

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  • Good evening. Gentle breeze, light rain and I just had one of the finest meals I have ever had

    by mors-ex-tenebris 5 days ago

  • If anyone would like to join my tournament please do :) http://www.chess.com/tournament/superhomeschoolers-fast-tournament

    by SuperHomeschooler 2 weeks ago

  • A plausible explanation. OK sure, why not.

    by Ch3ck2Check 5 weeks ago

  • I added a profile pic in order to become an admin. in another group. I was staying with my daughter/grandson and did not have access to a picture; now, I do, so I did

    by mors-ex-tenebris 5 weeks ago

  • mors-ex-tenebris, you've added a profile pic I see... I guess relevant after all! Aloha!

    by Ch3ck2Check 5 weeks ago

  • thank you reina_lei

    by mors-ex-tenebris 5 weeks ago

  • Aloha, mors-ex-tenebris!

    by rina_lei 5 weeks ago

  • So, I will welcome myself. Thanks for the welcome and greetings to all

    by mors-ex-tenebris 5 weeks ago

  • I must have missed the Avatar requirement. Other than your irrelevant comment, there is still 'no-one-home.' There are 7 members logged-on at this moment...no one is stopping by to say anything.

    by mors-ex-tenebris 5 weeks ago

  • Indeed... as is your profile picture! ;)

    by Ch3ck2Check 6 weeks ago


WWCC turn-base Tournament at chess.com Winter 2013

Submitted by frank713 on Jan 24, 2013 posted in Hawaii Chess Warriors News
Sign up here here http://www.chess.com/tournament/wwcc-turn-base-tournament-at-chesscom-winter-2013 the quicker we get 25 players the sooner we start. Aloha, its been awhile since our last online torurnament. As Windward Chess Club is not cur...Read More »