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Hawaii Chess Warriors

  • Honolulu, Hawaii United States 
  • Formed: Nov 20, 2008
  • Aloha! For those from Hawaii or have been in Hawaii or wishing they were in Hawaii, with no Chess.com group!! All welcome! we will have team matches when we have enough players - turn base chess playing! Beginner's to advance! Also willing to help one another! Affiliate Chess club Mililani Chess Club, Pearlridge Mall Chess Club, Windward Chess & Go Club, and Moana Chess club Oh yes Home of the Hawaii Warriors - UH Football team!

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  • Hey does anyone know if they still play chess at the pavilions in Waikiki?

    by Ch3ck2Check 39 hours ago

  • hey all. man, soo sorry about my performance at our last team match. not my shiniest of moments. it's cool everyone else did well. great play everybody!

    by najdorf96 3 months ago

  • Welcome Muktinath!

    by Kamaaina 9 months ago

  • Live aloha in Christ, magnify JESUS CHRIST!

    by Kamaaina 9 months ago

  • Mele Kalikimaka

    by Master_Kaina 9 months ago

  • Aloha hawaiian chess warriors...

    by Klemensch 9 months ago

  • Live Aloha!

    by Kamaaina 9 months ago

  • I like both players, I think you are right about carron having a slight edge, however it is only because of age, however I think nakagawa will overtake carron this year. also carron is slipping, he lost to a 16 or 1700 in states this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Bobby-Fischers-Ghost 12 months ago

  • hmm. i still can't say (thanx kg for the link). Between an IM vs NM, I would have to give an slight edge to Carron only because his level & quality of opponents. Experience a plus for Carron...talent between the two is undetermined. Youth is definitely a plus for Eldon. All things considered, Carron more than likely. But amongst us local boys-Nakagawa automatic! 8)

    by najdorf96 12 months ago

  • http://www.hawaiichess.org/

    by kg221 12 months ago


WWCC turn-base Tournament at chess.com Winter 2013

Submitted by frank713 on Jan 24, 2013 posted in Hawaii Chess Warriors News
Sign up here here http://www.chess.com/tournament/wwcc-turn-base-tournament-at-chesscom-winter-2013 the quicker we get 25 players the sooner we start. Aloha, its been awhile since our last online torurnament. As Windward Chess Club is not cur...Read More »