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  • Formed: Aug 1, 2013
  • Welcome To our Group! We are a fun group and very acceptable! We Never Give up! We fight till the end! We will always be forever as one! THE HERSHEYS! Anyways... Hi and welcome to our group, here you can join team matches or either create forums, share some photos, play vote chess! Chat with the people you never knew and you just met them in this group! You are welcome! If you want to be an admin, show us the best you can do! For more information to be an admin, send a message either to Danbakradze or 2014KING!

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    by 2014KING 4 months ago

  • Nuthin'

    by Eeswarking 4 months ago

  • What up, my peeps?

    by DrSpudnik 5 months ago

  • Hershey's

    by DrSpudnik 6 months ago

  • Please join everyone

    by 2014KING 6 months ago

  • what

    by 2014KING 6 months ago

  • Was the name changed to protect the innocent?

    by DrSpudnik 6 months ago

  • What a proud team. I'll join the next Vote Chess. -- Is there such a thing as 'good' government? Visit the newest forum:

    by learningcoach 6 months ago

  • vladimir kulechov

    by biktor7521 6 months ago

  • we won in 2 vote chess games, the rest are in progress! YES!

    by Danbakradze 6 months ago

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