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Hogwarts Dueling Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 30, 2013
  • connected to Hogwarts this is the group to practice duelling spells and quidditch

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  • Have a good one, phoenix

    by ThumbTack 11 days ago

  • Going to go on a vacation for a while....

    by phoenixFire2001 13 days ago

  • oo yay. Congrats guys. Rishi, Superking. :D

    by ThumbTack 2 weeks ago

  • I conclude the duel tournament. The winners are 1.) Rishi - 20 points, 2.) Thumbtack - 15 points and 3.) Superking007 - 15 points. Thanks for participating :)

    by dops78 2 weeks ago

  • I wanna concentrate more on my studies......

    by rishikeshwaran 2 weeks ago

  • I have demoted james to member as he has been inactive for 4 weeks. I would like to see some duels going on please as the group is degrading towards inactivity.

    by dops78 3 weeks ago

  • why, rishi?

    by ThumbTack 3 weeks ago

  • Then I would conclude the tournament here will start one myself so don't worry. Rishi will give you the honour of announcing the winners :)

    by dops78 3 weeks ago

  • I'll quit chess.com in a few days.....

    by rishikeshwaran 3 weeks ago

  • nope

    by InDetention 3 weeks ago