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Hogwarts Dueling Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 30, 2013
  • connected to Hogwarts this is the group to practice duelling spells and quidditch

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  • ok i am in

    by hariseth 2 weeks ago

  • If you want to I havent started the duel

    by dops78 2 weeks ago

  • i am in a three way duel

    by hariseth 2 weeks ago

  • Nope but it might indirectly result to. The HP will be higher than normal because of more players like 150 HP each. Before casting a spell, they will let me there target in form of odds and evens. After the spell has been casted, I will roll a 6 sided dice which will let us know who ends up getting hit. For example super said odds on hari and casted a spell and I got 4 in the dice then the spell will be targeted towards master. If multiple spells are casted the dice will be rolled for each of th

    by dops78 2 weeks ago

  • Will there be alliances formed? Are is ganging up on one person not allowed?

    by phoenixFire2001 2 weeks ago

  • superking007 and masterracer sorry i had exams so was busy and was unable to mod your game. I am free now so we can continue. I am also happy to mod the first 3 way duel in the group if you guys are up for it :)

    by dops78 2 weeks ago

  • 3 way duel?

    by superking007 2 weeks ago

  • lets go!

    by masterracer 2 weeks ago

  • who wants a duel

    by hariseth 2 weeks ago

  • Pewter: 6 galleons, Metal: 15 galleons, Gold: 25 galleons

    by phoenixFire2001 3 weeks ago