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Hogwarts Dueling Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 30, 2013
  • connected to Hogwarts this is the group to practice duelling spells and quidditch

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  • you'll have to edit it yourself, add in the 5 galleons.

    by phoenixFire2001 41 hours ago

  • Hiring new shopkeepers in Potion Items shop-earn 5 galleons per week

    by phoenixFire2001 2 days ago

  • Created some forums, now I need someone else to promote the idea. Rather embarrassing if no one did it.

    by HawkMoonlight08 3 days ago

  • Did it! Somebody, please make the list of the cost for each potion item.

    by HawkMoonlight08 3 days ago

  • haha.

    by phoenixFire2001 3 days ago

  • you do it

    by Dovestar 7 days ago

  • That's a good idea!

    by Dovestar 7 days ago

  • Do u think that we should start a forum of the whole list for herbology?

    by HawkMoonlight08 8 days ago

  • Yay

    by Dovestar 9 days ago

  • This group's active

    by phoenixFire2001 9 days ago