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Hogwarts Dueling Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 30, 2013
  • connected to Hogwarts this is the group to practice duelling spells and quidditch

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  • he is just about 10 yrs old so give him a break guys ;)

    by dops78 13 minutes ago

  • speak of immaturity. (roll eyes)

    by masterracer 25 minutes ago

  • ok then. but I'm still going to post KININGAS MORTZ when I'm feeling bored.

    by J-Star-Roar 60 minutes ago

  • Nope this whole group has nothing to do with chess at all

    by dops78 62 minutes ago

  • seriously though, any relation to chess at all? still sounds awesome, but I'm wondering. or are you just pranking me?

    by J-Star-Roar 69 minutes ago

  • kinigas= king in another language which I forgot Mort= death in French z- evilness. Say this to announce checkmate

    by J-Star-Roar 71 minutes ago


    by J-Star-Roar 73 minutes ago

  • and this is related to chess? do we make up chess-related spells cos that sounds awesome.

    by J-Star-Roar 74 minutes ago

  • no. basically each player names a spell and depending on the spell deal a certain amount of damage and can immobilise burn them etc. the first player whose health drops to 0 loses

    by masterracer 4 hours ago

  • Duels are basically normal online games with a fancy name then?

    by J-Star-Roar 6 hours ago