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Indian Chat

  • India India 
  • Formed: Oct 20, 2013
  • This Group is Specially created for Indian players. If you want to chat then after joining this group, click on the right hand side button--- chat room. feel free to invite your friends to join this group.

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  • agree karthi..

    by Facebook 5 days ago

  • I like to discuss " Traffic rules in India" ...please join to create awareness and to guide people to follow traffic rules..pls save lives..

    by samkarthi 5 days ago

  • HI all, Guys just see the below post.......everybody posted "Hi", "Hi all" & "Hi Guys"...if you post any msg its reaches to minimum 500 People..so please send the messages to create awareness , try to discuss some intresting topics..pls

    by samkarthi 5 days ago

  • hi

    by JRB_27 6 days ago

  • Hi

    by Hannahmarks 6 days ago

  • hi

    by tarun_92 7 days ago

  • Hellow Hannah....Hi asuth....:)

    by Facebook 11 days ago

  • Hi :)

    by SnowCrow 11 days ago

  • Halo

    by Hannahmarks 12 days ago

  • hi everybody

    by asuthershun 13 days ago