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  • Formed: Oct 30, 2013
  • hi all,welcome to your group;)

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  • Which world do you want? -> http://youtu.be/b9yGP_I9pOM

    by EarnestDignity 3 months ago

  • Depending on how environmental and social conflicts are resolved, global development can branch into dramatically different pathways. It is all too easy to envision a dismal future of impoverished people, cultures and nature. Indeed, to many, this ominous possibility seems the most likely. But it is not inevitable. Humanity has the power to foresee, to choose and to act. While it may seem improbable, a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity and a healthy planet is possible.

    by EarnestDignity 3 months ago

  • Thanks for the warm wishes, Moon-Boy. Do not worry about the future??

    by EarnestDignity 3 months ago

  • Happy! Happy! Happy! days.. Merry Christmas to all beloved members, I am coming from beautiful Philippines. The whole country is deeply saturated for music, dance, and cheers! hahah. I miss all my chess friends here indeed. Golden wishes for you and your relatives. Be happy and do not worry about future. :D

    by moon-boy 3 months ago

  • merry christmas and happoy new year

    by Jaam-E-Jam 3 months ago

  • hi all

    by Jaam-E-Jam 3 months ago

  • Thanks~ You and yours, too :)

    by EarnestDignity 3 months ago

  • Sending my warm wishes to all of you and your families during this Christmas Season. May your home be blessed with love and happiness!

    by newinnew 3 months ago

  • Hello, everyone.

    by EarnestDignity 4 months ago


    by Sexi_Phantom 6 months ago