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♔♕♖International Patzers Association ♗♘♙

  • Chess.Com International 
  • Formed: Jun 10, 2012
  • This Group is for those who are rated between 888-1999.We play team matches, Learn more about chess,share ideas and troll in Chatrooms to have a laugh :D So You Think You Can Troll? If so <Join Us> today ! You are more than welcome ☺

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  • Hello everyone! I just discovered this group, and it looks pretty fun. But apparently it's not active anymore. Is anyone else interested in making this group active again?

    by macer75 7 months ago

  • ok

    by Andrews124 12 months ago

  • greetings fellow patzers! Admin how about a vote chess match here?

    by coolhandjohnnj 12 months ago

  • ubalabara

    by Andrews124 20 months ago

  • ArcanePhilosoper for Super-admin he show you what trolling is all about

    by Stephenson2 20 months ago

  • wat happen to our super admin???=]

    by artdeep1 3 years ago

  • lol we lost the vote chess game;p

    by artdeep1 3 years ago

  • hmm okay then;p :D

    by artdeep1 3 years ago

  • artdeep1 maybe a4 be the best, cause Ke3!

    by Atroz 3 years ago

  • guys!! need yr vote pls help! 36.Rd4 fork ?!

    by artdeep1 3 years ago