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'IrOn P@wN'

  • International 
  • Formed: May 8, 2009
  • WELCOME to our humble team! We would like to enjoy playing chess with players who are "dragons" when in front of the board! This is a team that really appreciate a team work and like breathing fire to their enemy as a team! Breath fire with us or take fire from us?!

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    by Hydra_Does_Chess 7 weeks ago

  • Hello belovski and all. I'm present, always present.

    by RayDuqueIII 6 months ago

  • Hello everybody!

    by belovski23 6 months ago

  • Hello!

    by Kopelopm 19 months ago

  • like to join

    by jd3430 23 months ago

  • Hello all

    by dhey 3 years ago

  • New guest

    by mohmmd 3 years ago

  • It has been 5 years today 9/21/2012 that I'm playing chess here for fun win or lose, without cheating, no other account, to make new friends, to relax, to post something anywhere, to post my pictures, to be known and other things. Hope to see you more in years to come. Happy chessing and thank you all.

    by RayDuqueIII 3 years ago

  • anyone still interested to join in our matches?

    by dhey 3 years ago

  • anyone still interested in joining our team match? i might lock it up tomorrow.

    by dhey 4 years ago