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Jazz Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 1, 2013
  • This is a group for all Jazz and Chess lovers, who like to play chess against each other or other groups. About Jazz. This group wants to be a place where you can find out and share new or forgotten Artists you like!!

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  • thanks ekeko

    by barefootprimadonna 13 days ago

  • are there members who want to support this Jazz group as admin ?? if anyone has questions send me a message ;)

    by j-pax 13 days ago

  • I use this site to check all jazz festivals in europe: http://jazzfests.net/

    by el_ekeko 2 weeks ago

  • and like El Ekeko says north sea jazz is the best festival 11 12 13 July... and if you are in amsterdam check out the noth sea jazz Club

    by j-pax 2 weeks ago

  • only jazz and a little chess for me, that's why i am not so active on chess.com ;)

    by j-pax 2 weeks ago

  • only chess jpax ?

    by barefootprimadonna 2 weeks ago

  • hey Bett, one of the bests in my opinion is North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. see here: http://www.northseajazz.com/en/ .what a pity I can't go there this year otherwise I would play chess with you there hahaha.

    by el_ekeko 2 weeks ago

  • can anyone help , what are the 2 best jazz festivals this summer in Europe . I finished my studies in may , so I have 3 months vacation ...

    by barefootprimadonna 2 weeks ago

  • Hi, thanks.. Bruut I know, and like, new cool collective I will check out

    by Frederik 4 weeks ago

  • since you're Dutch, if "new cool collective" or "bruut" (some of my favorites) play near you, check them out :) party!!

    by j-pax 4 weeks ago

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