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Jazz Club

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 1, 2013
  • This is a group for all Jazz and Chess lovers, who like to play chess against each other or other groups. About Jazz. This group wants to be a place where you can find out and share new or forgotten Artists you like!!

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  • the match is auto started when the 8 players is reached ... and i am happy that the minimum of 4 players is reached :)

    by j-pax 5 hours ago

  • good idea SA, joined.

    by Joe_Roaster 7 hours ago

  • made an open "jazz club challenge" 4-8 players... i hope this works better then challeging one team :)

    by j-pax 7 hours ago

  • ah, the life of a jazzer.. -sounds good man!

    by Joe_Roaster 31 hours ago

  • i've sent some challenge's but got rejected :( i will look for an open challenge after work :)

    by j-pax 31 hours ago

  • -so are we gonna play a tourney Mr Super Admin? gotta represent the jazz

    by Joe_Roaster 31 hours ago

  • also have the Dexter version i think, most of my collection is back home while we're overseas

    by Joe_Roaster 6 days ago

  • yeah, have it on Miles Davis, 'Birth of the Cool'. excellent standard, lots of great versions. will add that (BotC) as a recent listen. since you and i are the only ones playing the game lol

    by Joe_Roaster 6 days ago

  • tonight i searched youtube for "darn that dream" wich is one of my favorite Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham etc,

    by j-pax 6 days ago

  • nice- will put it on my list & check it out on your recommendation!

    by Joe_Roaster 7 days ago

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