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kings team

  • International 
  • Formed: Apr 17, 2011

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  • Are you checking the rating guidelines?

    by babajimbob 4 days ago

  • Nothing, just keep joining matches and games will pop up sooner or later. Maybe join more groups or tournaments if you are still not playing enough.

    by AlkinKing 4 days ago

  • I have joined many matches..but only 1 person had played...what am I doing wrong?

    by aglaroth 8 days ago

  • Thank the for the invitation! is it here to smile?

    by atamaani 8 days ago

  • Thanks for the invite

    by tearose 8 days ago

  • Why ?!

    by Travilar-3 8 days ago

  • thanks for the invite all

    by BenaiahWright 9 days ago

  • Hi all, thanks for the invite!

    by thinly_spread_purple 11 days ago

  • Hello, thanks for the invitation!

    by Brodrig 3 weeks ago

  • THX for invite:)

    by przemekgrzywacz 3 weeks ago

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