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Kool Katz Chess Club

  • United States 
  • Formed: Apr 14, 2012
  • A group open to everyone who loves playing chess. We hope to make this the best group on chess.com !!

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  • some ppl do that. sounds like not much interest in the games.

    by beth93 5 days ago

  • Sorry 2 days and 23 hours

    by melalon 5 days ago

  • Can anyone tell me what my opponent Olocofczei is doing ? He started at about 1750, is now just over 1400, he let the first game run out on time, he was totally lost. He is lost in our remaining game, but plays one move every 2 days and 2 hours. This is in the August match. Is this normal ? it is my first tournament match, is this sexism ? or am I being daft ?

    by melalon 5 days ago

  • ;))))))))))))))

    by cool_rush 10 days ago

  • happy saturday. :-)

    by beth93 10 days ago

  • hi e1.

    by beth93 4 weeks ago

  • H'llo everyone , )

    by tazus 4 weeks ago

  • Meow

    by mmadonna 4 weeks ago

  • hi everyone...thanks for the invite Beth :)

    by cool_rush 4 weeks ago

  • no you love chess.

    by beth93 4 weeks ago