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  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 1, 2009
  • Come and join the mighty Krew of the $kulk Chess Team to find your Chess Fame and Fortune! From knights, ninjas, to pirates and more! We accept all the $kulksters here!

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  • Thx Juhomorko and welcome to $kulk Chess

    by bezerker3 3 weeks ago

  • Let's fill the roster against the Indians!

    by Juhomorko 3 weeks ago

  • Greetings from Finland! I joined to support this team as i'm currently playing with SA bezerker3 and got a feeling it's better to be on the same side with him! =D

    by Juhomorko 4 weeks ago


    by ODBAM 3 months ago

  • Thx bro, happy hoilday season !! I sent a challenge to the JSST jokers

    by bezerker3 3 months ago

  • Great wishes to you Bro... You deserve a trophy and thanks... No new game challenges yet?

    by ODBAM 3 months ago

  • I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season!

    by bezerker3 4 months ago

  • I got swept but we still beat Tea Nigeria! Great jobeveryone

    by bezerker3 7 months ago

  • I sent a new challenge to the Jokers JSST

    by bezerker3 7 months ago

  • ok, very good performance so far in dat one... We can rematch Nigeria so we can be busy with matches

    by ODBAM 9 months ago