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Latter-day Saint Chess Quorum

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 13, 2011
  • A group for anyone who is interested in learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

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  • For those of you in or near Utah, the Utah Open is this weekend. See the flyer at utahchess.com!

    by DDayman 7 hours ago

  • Hello. I'm a new member. Well, old member of the one, but a new convert to this group

    by surfsnook 13 months ago

  • Ooooh to post a note and not spell check....

    by mwilliams273 20 months ago

  • Elders Quorum group activity bowling night at AMF lanes in VA Beach... Saints rule!!! Ooooooh to be LDS brether

    by mwilliams273 20 months ago

  • Yes, and it was amazing. Thank You.

    by frrixz 23 months ago

  • Congratulations, frrixz! We hope it was most rewarding, and we are thrilled to have you back.

    by whirlwind2011 23 months ago

  • Just got back from my mission in Zion

    by frrixz 23 months ago

  • DDayman, welcome to the Quorum! Feel free to look around and contribute!

    by whirlwind2011 2 years ago

  • Welcome to the Quorum, Attolo! We're glad you found us so quickly after joining Chess.com.

    by whirlwind2011 3 years ago

  • Let's take a look. I'll write some comments on the games. Thanks for playing anyway!

    by whirlwind2011 3 years ago