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♔League of Chess♔

  • Nowhere International 
  • Formed: Aug 16, 2011
  • We are the League of Chess. We do our best to win, and our defeats are the beginning of our wins. We will always play fair, and we will defeat our enemies to the top: no matter if its the Turk Chess Players, We Chat Global, or the Power Of Chess.

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  • can i go in the tournament

    by DavidChess7 3 months ago

  • Hello all! I don't know how I became a member of this team/group, but I'd like to know what it's about and how can I participate. Do we have tournaments against other teams? Thank you!

    by alanbrito 7 months ago

  • is that BMO on our sign

    by Prosecutor153 9 months ago

  • HI

    by KnightOfDaLivingDead 12 months ago

  • hi

    by awesomeness4u 13 months ago

  • ive got a list that might help

    by KnightOfDaLivingDead 14 months ago

  • nice!

    by KnightOfDaLivingDead 14 months ago

  • 30 invites sent, will send 30 more tomorrow

    by Mr_Awesome_Dude 14 months ago

  • revive? sounds like fun!

    by Mr_Awesome_Dude 14 months ago

  • Sorry people, but I won't be reviving the group anymore. Anyone else can be admin or super admin, but I won't be active in the group.

    by omglolbbqpizza 16 months ago