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  • Leicestershire United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Jun 27, 2009
  • Team Leicestershire for the C.C.C

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  • Please lock your games v Kent and Norfolk ASAP. They are supposed to be started by tomorrow.

    by muzza2 16 months ago

  • You still have 4 games outstanding in the County Championship which must be started by Sept 1st or the games will be forfeited. Norfolk and Kent just need locking. Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire still need to have challenges accepted/sent. Links for these two are http://www.chess.com/groups/view/team-cambridgeshire , http://www.chess.com/groups/view/hertfordshire

    by muzza2 17 months ago

  • Hi, the county championship has resumed. Your remaining opponents are Team Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Team Kent, Norfolk Team. You may challenge at any time now and all games need to be started by September 1st. Any queries just drop me a message. Thanks.

    by muzza2 20 months ago

  • You can go ahead and lock this now Alan.

    by ruffian1 2 years ago

  • I asked ages ago if anyone wanted to run it,got no replies assumed everyone had lost interest.

    by ruffian1 2 years ago

  • Looks like Leicestershire is back

    by thomsonfam 2 years ago

  • Alan I promoted you to super admin,you can sign for them make them do what you need to do.Congratulations!

    by ruffian1 2 years ago

  • Cuustomer,and we get a brand new one next year if we want it,and every 3 years after that.

    by ruffian1 3 years ago

  • are you a Skoda Dealer...or an easily pleased customer lol.

    by RickWest 3 years ago

  • Power steering,power brakes,automatic,air conditioned,auto central locking +,and automatic road slip sensing traction control.Never let us down yet.No V.A.T. 3 years parts and labor warranty,plus 3 yrs break down cover,free glass repair,free servicing,free tyre replacement should you have a puncture.Ho and we get free insurance and tax.

    by ruffian1 3 years ago