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Liverpool Fans

  • Anfield, Liverpool International 
  • Formed: Apr 6, 2009
  • This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide, please feel free to join and play in our team matches, you will never walk alone, thanks

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  • someone please tell me we only loaned him out

    by Talfan1 5 hours ago

  • echoes of last year pity we sold kelly i had a dream he would be our new 23

    by Talfan1 5 hours ago

  • Sterling should have scored at least twice. That game was depressing.

    by SmyslovFan 5 hours ago

  • Unfortunately we were a long way off the pace in that game IMO, created very little. I think we should be starting with lallana, we started to get a bit better then and I hope Sturridge returns soon. Mario is putting himself about and am quite impressed how he has done but isn't a out and out striker

    by Hants-Spark 8 hours ago

  • seriously though why go to real he will score a hat trick for us against them they aint nowt when we get em at Anfield they will be shown for what they are

    by Talfan1 2 days ago

  • not a scoobi of that raheem is home he is on fire why follow owen to a bench watching prancing show ponies like ronafalloverdo /

    by Talfan1 2 days ago

  • except that Raheem is likely to be snatch up by unreal Marid...

    by Doctor_Zugzwang 2 days ago

  • or will my prediction of raheem being our top scorer prove right? so many questions lol

    by Talfan1 2 days ago

  • but is it now time to go one up front tighten up defensively whilst our strike force is limited to mario and daniel with a possible 60 games and the fact i get jitters as soon as we score lol

    by Talfan1 2 days ago

  • I'm really surprised that Mario has been so steady so far. I expected him to be more mercurial, both in scoring goals and getting into scrapes with other players and the refs.

    by SmyslovFan 2 days ago