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Liverpool Fans

  • Anfield, Liverpool International 
  • Formed: Apr 6, 2009
  • This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide, please feel free to join and play in our team matches, you will never walk alone, thanks

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  • indeed :)

    by Hants-Spark 30 minutes ago

  • we are nearly as bad at the back as manure lol gonna take some fixing

    by Talfan1 34 minutes ago

  • I think its probably a bit more than that mate with the way our defence is conceeding, at the moment we cant score more than the opposition so therefore lets concetrate on keeping clean sheets then build from that

    by Hants-Spark 36 minutes ago

  • if all we are short is a golden boot striker we are close

    by Talfan1 39 minutes ago

  • only time will tell on that one and as weve only played a handfull of games we need to be patient, unfortunately we probably over achieved last year and the expectation was high

    by Hants-Spark 54 minutes ago

  • at the last transfer window what was needed a new striker to replace luis who we got 3 i think defenders to replace jamie and help us stop leaking goals then more midfielders as we was playing more games all of that was done its just a question was it done well

    by Talfan1 61 minutes ago

  • Exactly SF, we have the depth and quality on our door step why are we continually looking to increase our squad with no more than average ish players

    by Hants-Spark 66 minutes ago

  • Yes, we were. When he wasn't biting people Suarez was the best player in the world. We aren't Manure. We can't afford to buy our way out of this. We need to develop our team.

    by SmyslovFan 68 minutes ago

  • Our team hasnt changed that much that we have to continue to buy in players, the main core of last year are still there and just dont seem to be performing as they did, we have only really lost one player and I hate to say it but were we really that one dimentional

    by Hants-Spark 2 hours ago

  • :)

    by Sutirtha11 3 hours ago