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Liverpool Fans

  • Anfield, Liverpool International 
  • Formed: Apr 6, 2009
  • This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide, please feel free to join and play in our team matches, you will never walk alone, thanks

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  • *back

    by snoopy1234567 5 hours ago

  • Seems like Lovren is slowly getting bach his form.

    by snoopy1234567 5 hours ago

  • Congrats to LFC on an amazing victory.

    by snoopy1234567 5 hours ago

  • Oh no! I hadn't heard. Meanwhile, we have three dangerous games against lower ranked teams (one in the FA) before facing Manure. We really do need maximum points, but at least Manure will be facing a tough month before we meet at Anfield.

    by SmyslovFan 6 hours ago

  • Jordan Ibe out for four weeks with knee injury.

    by Sutirtha11 7 hours ago

  • i think rodgers has found our prefered system should be given credit considering we got off to a slow start in the league

    by chaostheory7 23 hours ago

  • LIVERPOOL Mun City 2-1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by hikohil 25 hours ago

  • A very good win, showed what we are capable of, a silver lining maybe :)

    by Hants-Spark 26 hours ago

  • Excellent performance. Fast, creative, confident. Two splendid goals. Fully deserved victory. I only wish Sakho returns sooner because Lovren just doesn't belong out there

    by Pixelshifter 27 hours ago

  • Couthino big miss mid week but if saved for today, would take it.

    by TwoMove 29 hours ago