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Liverpool Fans

  • Anfield, Liverpool International 
  • Formed: Apr 6, 2009
  • This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide, please feel free to join and play in our team matches, you will never walk alone, thanks

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  • i think wisdom will remain a red as he signed a four year contract recently from what i read

    by chaostheory7 16 hours ago

  • Wisdom needs playing time, which he's unlikely to get with LFC this season. I agree, he's very promising and I hope he stays a Red.

    by SmyslovFan 19 hours ago

  • yes mate he's gone, hopefully he wont become disillusioned by it all and stay with us, a good player IMO

    by Hants-Spark 22 hours ago

  • did I read somewhere that wisdom is going on loan to Norwich?

    by mrnewt 25 hours ago

  • Its looking like Moreno may have competition for LB, papers are stating were near completion of signing Digne

    by Hants-Spark 39 hours ago

  • finally. now i hope he stays fit whole season, and gets many many goals for us!! Come on Reds!"!

    by Philoupolos 7 days ago

  • Benteke signs officially..

    by Sutirtha11 7 days ago

  • medical is done. Just some administrative problems, which will be solved soon. He is a Liverpool player now.

    by kioShiMa 8 days ago

  • why isnt the benteke-transfer confirmed yet=? problems with the medical?

    by Philoupolos 8 days ago

  • cant see it myself but who knows

    by Hants-Spark 8 days ago