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Liverpool Fans

  • Anfield, Liverpool International 
  • Formed: Apr 6, 2009
  • This is a group for all Liverpool football club fans world wide, please feel free to join and play in our team matches, you will never walk alone, thanks

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  • Ancelotti needs surgery for spinal stenosis (my neck of the woods, wish I could operate on him for free in exchange for promise to replace Rodgers). I do believe he will go back to AC Milan though.

    by Pixelshifter 39 hours ago

  • According to Marca Liverpool have approached Ancelotti to replace Rodgers..

    by Sutirtha11 42 hours ago

  • i dont think real will have any long-term-coach in the next decade or so. one season without CL-trophy or championship and the coach is sacked. championshipwise barca is better now and in the upcoming years, and winning the CL is very hard too. so theres very little chances for a coach to survive longer than two years..

    by Philoupolos 2 days ago

  • I feel like Rafa is wanted to plug a hole until Zidane comes of age and becomes the first long-term RM coach in the newest era (if he's successful).

    by Pixelshifter 2 days ago

  • I wish Rafa all the success in the world. I do expect he'll win a trophy or two, but I also expect that he will be summarily sacked just as Ancelotti was. Rafa's a good short-term coach, but he's not one for building dynasties.

    by SmyslovFan 3 days ago

  • Benitez is going to Madrid. And frankly, I don't want him at all. Ancelotti is a great manager but has health issues. I really wish it was Klopp, but we most likely will end up with another season of Mr Mediocrity.

    by Pixelshifter 3 days ago

  • i read ancelotti will have a sabbatical for sure, he needs to have a surgery

    by Philoupolos 3 days ago

  • ancelotti if i had a choice

    by chaostheory7 3 days ago

  • So who would you like - Klopp or Ancelotti or Rafa all three are available while we are stuck with Rodgers..

    by Sutirtha11 3 days ago

  • But Rafa's available! (I'd pick Ancelotti over Rafa unless Ancelotti really did need a sabbatical.)

    by SmyslovFan 3 days ago