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Lizard87 fan club

  • Amesterdam Arena Netherlands 
  • Formed: Jul 21, 2009
  • This group is dedicated to Lizard87 and the very good job he does as a mod, he is friendly, hard working and is very polite with members all together, let's thank him here folks.

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  • Can I ask what happened to Lizard if I may?

    by bad1995 6 years ago

  • yeah,i will have to drop him a bell

    by hearneyator 6 years ago

  • indeed,its a shame,i used to talk to him on msn and now we dont :(

    by hearneyator 6 years ago

  • that what im thinking,im sad he gone and shocked he did what he did,he was good without it.

    by hearneyator 6 years ago

  • are we going to still run this group considering lizard isnt a memebr anymore?

    by hearneyator 6 years ago