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Love and Rage

  • In the squares, on the streets International 
  • Formed: Jan 25, 2009
  • As one world dies, another is born - Greece, Oaxaca, The Arab Spring, Los Indignatos, under the pope's bed, in the streets and parks of every country, Anarchism is becoming..... My Anarchism is: Small societies linked to each other. Mutual Aid, shared wealth, no need for money and other inefficiencies. A shared interest and duty in and to each other. The propaganda of the deed: be the change you want to see. A declaration of war against all elites, who have had it their way far too long. Fat Cats have Cat Flaps! Pay them a visit! @

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  • It Liiiiives! New Team Match against the Spanish Revolutionary Republic, in celebration of the Peoples Olympiad Barcelona 1936

    by boydell 6 months ago

  • hey there, what happened to the vote match?

    by Mr_Nosegaffeier 18 months ago

  • ok three is a good number just got in but will arrange tomorrow and post a news item so it reaches you

    by Talfan1 21 months ago

  • i confirm. Lets play vote chess!

    by mistermaxgre 21 months ago

  • 1 more will help us avoid equal votes for different moves

    by Talfan1 21 months ago

  • im still in for a vote matc

    by Mr_Nosegaffeier 21 months ago

  • just awaiting confirmation of interest

    by Talfan1 21 months ago

  • welcome aboard mate, go f'rit!

    by boydell 21 months ago

  • i will proceed if their is still an interest and i do not cause any conflict with the groups admins

    by Talfan1 21 months ago

  • mistermaxgre and Mr Noesegaffier (cool nickname) have asked for a vote chess i admin for a few groups and am willing to set one up if that is possible in a DIY manner

    by Talfan1 21 months ago