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lVlayhem in the lVlorra

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 19, 2013
  • This group is for people who love to play the Smith-Morra Gambit, or any gambit at all! We organize Morra tournaments (well, after I get my timeout ratio less than 15% :P) and matches. Credit to Marc Esserman for writing the amazing Mayhem in the Morra book!

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  • hi members

    by CRAMV 17 months ago

  • I signed up for some of these matches but they never started. It now looks like some of them removed a bunch of people, myself included, and then started. :(

    by iamdave220 2 years ago

  • of my group? You need to be 1600+ echess.

    by aussiedj 2 years ago

  • Can I be admin

    by besttrollhere 2 years ago

  • I'm quitting this group now.

    by Samsch 2 years ago

  • I'm joining theirs as well, the more the merrier IMO.

    by Proselyte_7 2 years ago

  • there is no way to

    by besttrollhere 2 years ago

  • Sounds good aussie! Do you know how to delete a group?

    by 1random 2 years ago

  • That would probably make the most sense. I may have to take a break from chess for a while, I've become addicted to it and it's taking over my life.

    by AdorableMogwai 2 years ago

  • hey! what about my group? You copied my group!!!! Can't we just have 1 big Smith-Morra Gambit group. 1random, you can be SA and AdorableMogwai can be admin in my Group! What do ya think? It's up to you. Either War, or Friendship

    by aussiedj 2 years ago