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Manchester City FC

  • England 
  • Formed: May 13, 2009
  • A group for Man City fans that will play team matches against fans of other clubs here on chess.com.

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  • yeah, we had a shaky start having to play the 2 best teams in the WSL first 2 games, but we've started to gel. I'm glad we're not playing Nicky Harding, she's one of the worst players I've ever seen lol. We bought well over the summer so let's hope for more :)

    by youngpro 2 months ago

  • I read it sometimes on the website, they've been doing quite well

    by russellhalifax 2 months ago

  • Anyone in here following the Women's team's progress?

    by youngpro 2 months ago

  • well nothing like a good league win haha. One of our youngsters has got called up to internationals too. Our EDS keeper Ian Lawlor has been called up to the Republic of Ireland squad

    by youngpro 2 months ago

  • lets not get carried away lad, there still two matches to win, remember the last home game last year.....

    by russellhalifax 3 months ago

  • The EPL is ours !!!!

    by FrenchBrit 3 months ago

  • unlucky. They had an opportunity to go 3-2 at one point, then one of their players failed to clear a ball, handing it right to the liverpool attacker and cost city the match. I am depressed.

    by Sashko97 4 months ago

  • mancity gonna win

    by karunakar1987 4 months ago

  • Liverpool vs Manchester City. Big game tomorrow. :)

    by Sashko97 4 months ago

  • Come on Jedi have a word! :-)

    by antreni 7 months ago