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Manchester City FC

  • Manchester England 
  • Formed: May 13, 2009
  • A group for Man City fans that will play team matches against fans of other clubs here on chess.com.

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  • exactly! looking for us to top that group then make further progress

    by ArtIstinwood 8 days ago

  • Group of Death - things ain't what they used to be

    by russellhalifax 8 days ago

  • Well if they are calling that the group of death I will take it!

    by ArtIstinwood 8 days ago

  • and a few other PL ties too

    by russellhalifax 10 days ago

  • Sunderland away in league cup then three games from Wembley

    by ArtIstinwood 10 days ago

  • yes great performance, absolutely killed them and already five points clear of them. This will be a great season!

    by ArtIstinwood 3 weeks ago

  • And three points we got!

    by sestoelemento 3 weeks ago

  • hi, just to introduce myself as a new member - lifelong Blue (first match 60 years ago and also helped to found CITC 25 years ago). Professional artist and woodworker living in Burnage - check out www.themarquetryshack.com for my work. Looking forward to three points against Chelski tomorrow!

    by ArtIstinwood 3 weeks ago