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Manchester City FC

  • Manchester England 
  • Formed: May 13, 2009
  • A group for Man City fans that will play team matches against fans of other clubs here on chess.com.

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  • Looking for a result tonight

    by russellhalifax 8 weeks ago

  • Hello

    by RetardiraniGenijalac 4 months ago

  • Hello

    by Andrija02 4 months ago

  • Seriously...................

    by Likerol 5 months ago

  • ....

    by Likerol 5 months ago

  • I can't play vs Barcelona :( the match is under 2000

    by Guajiro 6 months ago

  • Ohhh Man it doesnt matter Falcao now IS IN M.U

    by Joker-Jamal 7 months ago

  • hehehehe good!

    by Guajiro 8 months ago

  • Thoroughly professional on Monday. Aguero you can't help but love him

    by russellhalifax 8 months ago

  • Bottom of Fantasy Football, I am the Dorian Grey of Manchester

    by russellhalifax 8 months ago