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Manchester City FC

  • England 
  • Formed: May 13, 2009
  • A group for Man City fans that will play team matches against fans of other clubs here on chess.com.

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  • unlucky. They had an opportunity to go 3-2 at one point, then one of their players failed to clear a ball, handing it right to the liverpool attacker and cost city the match. I am depressed.

    by Sashko97 5 days ago

  • mancity gonna win

    by karunakar1987 5 days ago

  • Liverpool vs Manchester City. Big game tomorrow. :)

    by Sashko97 6 days ago

  • Come on Jedi have a word! :-)

    by antreni 3 months ago

  • We need less timeouts guys its becoming a joke now. What's the point in battling away to lose 6 points? We were in the lead!!! http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=327570

    by antreni 3 months ago

  • Fer nan de nio

    by russellhalifax 4 months ago

  • and then 5-3, great double win City

    by jedimasterrob 11 months ago

  • season ticket renewal window ends 3 june

    by russellhalifax 11 months ago

  • Is football

    by Guajiro 11 months ago

  • Football.....

    by russellhalifax 11 months ago