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Massachusetts Chess

  • Boston Sports Land United States 
  • Formed: Jan 2, 2009
  • Hear ye, Hear ye, the venerable Commonwealth of Massachusetts invites all Massachusetts residents, current, past and future, to join our family. We are here to have a good time, make friends, enjoy the seasons and just kick back with a mug of hot cider and discuss our wonderful sports teams, both professional and college. So join the festivities, relax and let's play some chess. Welcome one and all to Massachusetts Chess. Massachusetts...The absolute best place to live. Hear ye, Hear ye, enter and have fun!

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  • Hi Massachusetts, please accept/issue challenge to Mississippi. The match is late to register. Let's get this started. Any questions, please contact me.

    by Dietmar 11 months ago

  • Have you heard of Chess Wizards? It's a tutoring job in greater Boston. You dress like a wizard and teach kids how to play chess (pays great, too). Check out the website and message me for contact info. We need plenty of new wizards!

    by stalemate77 14 months ago

  • I think the leader just needs to be a good organizer and motivator. Luidenfunes is eager to do the job. That by itself counts for a lot. And right now, anybody who can get the group active would be much better than a non-existent SA.

    by dmason2000 17 months ago

  • No offense buddy but I dont want a leader with an average rating of less then 1.3k :/

    by Papufu 17 months ago

  • No, this is the group, it will be better.

    by Luidefunes 17 months ago

  • Should a new group be created and whoever is interested from here joins there?

    by Papufu 17 months ago

  • I will contact Jaclyn and she will make me SA.

    by Luidefunes 17 months ago

  • I agree, dmason2000 seems to be the best person for the job.

    by VryIntllgNUT 17 months ago

  • I vote for Mr DMason

    by Papufu 17 months ago

  • Here's the reply: Thanks for writing in. Please have the user who'd like to be promoted write in and we'd be happy to figure out a solution :) Best Regards, Jaclyn Chess.com Member Support

    by dmason2000 17 months ago

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