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  • maths city International 
  • Formed: Jul 3, 2009
  • any one who likes maths can join

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  • I would like to invite all members of this group also to join group "Math Lovers" on link which follows http://www.chess.com/groups/view/math-lovers. Feel free to join any open match and vote game in this group. Good luck...

    by Sladjan_Dimitrijevic 4 months ago

  • Hi :).our group is active?;)

    by Mathematics 3 years ago

  • Hi Everybody!

    by Cowboy-46 4 years ago

  • Anyone interested in mathematics and want math puzzles with chess puzzles. ? Join the group "I want 2 do Maths" . It is really interesting group. We have puzzles daily and will get rank who solved it correctly . We will have many interesting features in the group. Here is the link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.chess.com/groups/home/i-luv-2-do-maths

    by Ajay-The_Grandmaster 6 years ago

  • hello everyone

    by mandloichetan 6 years ago

  • ok

    by keeeganomahoneey 6 years ago

  • hello and welcome! i hope you like this group, and it´d be nice if you be active by posting math riddles! if you don´t know somthing, you can always ask.

    by Dekker 6 years ago

  • hello

    by keeeganomahoneey 6 years ago

  • remember that the first 8 people to get a quiz biz question will get points, not just the first one

    by ShiViChess 6 years ago

  • yeah i'd join that group but stay in this one too

    by ShiViChess 6 years ago