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Mato Jelic Fan Club

  • United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Jul 6, 2013
  • A group for Mato Jelic fans to have the chance to play each other and discuss games.

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  • New vote chess game http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=65300

    by Cilvaringz147 3 weeks ago

  • Good game everyone! New Match starting soon!

    by Cilvaringz147 6 weeks ago

  • new vote chess game. Get involved http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=63256

    by Cilvaringz147 2 months ago

  • http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=61986

    by Guerau 3 months ago

  • Bullet is way too fast for me Thatrandomperson!!

    by Cilvaringz147 4 months ago

  • Who wants to play me in bullet

    by Highratingcrusher 4 months ago

  • Just saying hello, and he was the 'casual patron' of this team I'm in, welcoming him to make any comment sometime.

    by TobyJames 4 months ago

  • How did you even get him to acknowledge you??

    by Cilvaringz147 4 months ago

  • Well at least you got a "...and good luck with your chess" out of him, classic Mato!

    by GhoulishFungus 4 months ago

  • (sent a general note about the team to Mato, here's his reply:-) Hi Toby! Thank you for your email. See if this page is of any use to you: http://www.chessschool.com.au/free_resources_19.html Good luck with your chess

    by TobyJames 4 months ago