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Mato Jelic Fan Club

  • United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Jul 6, 2013
  • A group for Mato Jelic fans to have the chance to play each other and discuss games.

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  • cool!

    by ChessAddict360 6 weeks ago

  • Yes, Mato has the game on youtube for us all to see! Great game!

    by Cilvaringz147 6 weeks ago

  • Interesting Fact: Mato versed Boris Spassky a great chess grandmaster and both drew against each other.

    by ChessAddict360 6 weeks ago

  • Thanks Cilvaringz but also i know maiqtheliar we have met and played a LOT of games, i mostly win blitz games and we mostly draw in standard games but he sometimes wins.

    by ChessAddict360 6 weeks ago

  • ok sure

    by ChessAddict360 6 weeks ago

  • That would be good. Set a game up and send us the link!!

    by Cilvaringz147 7 weeks ago

  • I used to be U12 champion in SA, i should have a game against you ChessAddict360

    by Maiqtheliar 7 weeks ago

  • Well done ChessAddict360! Keep it up!!

    by Cilvaringz147 8 weeks ago

  • I'm currently best U12 player in SA, and it could not happen if Mato did not teach me

    by ChessAddict360 8 weeks ago

  • New vote chess guys! http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=75694

    by Cilvaringz147 3 months ago