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Mato Jelic Fan Club

  • United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Jul 6, 2013
  • A group for Mato Jelic fans to have the chance to play each other and discuss games.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions guys...

    by gnuplot 9 hours ago

  • gnuplot. I'll look at some of your games later and see what i can see.

    by Cilvaringz147 15 hours ago

  • Study go play over your games with a book that explains your opening in great detail

    by getsmart2050 29 hours ago

  • guys...I just want to ask a question...may be its a stupid one... I have been stuck with 1200 of blitz score...whats the best way of improving ?

    by gnuplot 31 hours ago

  • Yes please share :)

    by Cilvaringz147 31 hours ago

  • Well this would be a good place to share what you have learnt

    by getsmart2050 38 hours ago

  • Did you know, that I've met him before and done a year of chess lessons from him. HE IS AMAZING!!!

    by ChessAddict360 46 hours ago

  • I'll play :)

    by Cilvaringz147 6 days ago

  • Does anyone fancy a game?

    by TobyJames 7 days ago

  • Played the top guy in the tourney for the first game and i blundered when i just achieved the win. nearly 3 hours for that one game lol. Overall i came joint 3rd

    by Cilvaringz147 4 weeks ago