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Melik and ME

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 26, 2014
  • For Beginners and intermediate players who want to learn and play seriously.

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  • is there any chance you could inform me when my game goes on the show because i missed it last time so please inform me if you use it. And thanks for doing a free member analisis

    by kstorn 4 hours ago

  • I love how the shows are about learning AND having fun!

    by machijv 10 days ago

  • The streamers themselves can save the stream on their accounts, but no one seems to do that.

    by Khallyx 2 weeks ago

  • houghton, I don't think all the shows are archived, I wish they were. We might think of contacting Chess.com, and requesting that this be done, but I recognize they have only a limited amount of server space, and many members and players here on the site.

    by roninreturns 2 weeks ago

  • Why can't I find the recording of this show on the channel?

    by houghton24 2 weeks ago

  • Ahh I missed the show, wasn't home last night. What a shame.

    by Khallyx 3 weeks ago

  • Hopefully I can play more moves like ...Bc5 :)

    by Zigwurst 3 weeks ago

  • I was really happy for you Zigwurst, and it was an interesting game to watcha and listen to while GM Melik analyzed, and Brother Josh asked some good questions. The chat stayed chess focused, and fun and friendly as we all watched together : )

    by roninreturns 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks for featuring my game :)

    by Zigwurst 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks for tonight's show! Phalanx and Gangnam Style!

    by zealandzen 3 weeks ago