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Melik and ME

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 26, 2014
  • For Beginners and intermediate players who want to learn and play seriously.

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  • I agree with everything ZealandZen agrees with about everything Ronin said! :-P

    by learningthemoves 3 weeks ago

  • That's right! I agree with everything Ronin said!

    by zealandzen 3 weeks ago

  • Another great show GM Melik, and Brother Josh! I wish you best of success Coach Melik at the Olympiad, and look forward to your return with the trophies for the team : )

    by roninreturns 3 weeks ago

  • The show is pushed back 30 minutes…see you at 5:30pm Pacific!

    by zealandzen 3 weeks ago

  • NEXT SHOW: Melik & Me with Grandmaster Melik Khachiyan and BrotherJosh…Tuesday, 29 July, 5pm Pacific Time (1am London)

    by zealandzen 3 weeks ago

  • Are they being recorded now!?! I am with hope...

    by newawr 3 weeks ago

  • Josh; can you please record this one? I'm not sure what all goes into it but it seems like the shows on twitch are easy to find and shows on live stream are a pain and seem to disappear. Thanks

    by Okieman888 3 weeks ago

  • The recent things that I learned from the past shows was the importance of the bishop and keeping all the pieces active in game. Again thank you for the great instructive show.

    by ZarikDaniel 3 weeks ago

  • last show for summer is tomorrow!

    by GMMelik 3 weeks ago

  • is the next melik and me on the 29th of july?

    by machijv 4 weeks ago