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Mets Fan Club

  • Citi Field Queens New York City United States 
  • Formed: Jun 13, 2009
  • for people who love playing baseball or just know the mets and like them

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  • Mets finally pitch a no-hitter. Congrats to Johan Santana

    by soulpower74 23 months ago

  • All right we managed to win one vs Atlanta. Beltran is coming back on Thursday and it sounds like Angel Pagan is moving over to Right Field. Ernie

    by soulpower74 4 years ago

  • Nice job by the Mets on this home stand winning 4/6 vs the Twins and Tigers !!Now we are on the way to Puerto Rico

    by soulpower74 4 years ago

  • That 2-9 stretch in May makes me think that this team, even after inducing heart pain while taking the rubber game against NYY yesterday, really has the potential to almost break our hearts. I don't see this team contending once the last week of August rolls around. And what happened to Gary Mathews Jr?

    by KlangenFarben 4 years ago

  • An old Shea Stadium icon organist Jane Jarvis passed away recently. Banner Day the "Sign Man" andJane Jarvis were 3 memories of Shea that should not be forgotten by Old School Met fans. Jane Jarvis should be inducted in the NY Mets Hall Of Fame.

    by soulpower74 4 years ago

  • were done this year. ws 2010

    by SkimIsGod 5 years ago

  • We need more doctors than infielders at this point.

    by KlangenFarben 5 years ago

  • When, oh when will we find the next Mookie Wilson?

    by drumdaddy 5 years ago