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Mighty Dragons

  • Canada 
  • Formed: Aug 18, 2013
  • we're the mighty dragons we're fierce and strong. If you think you're a strong chess player join us. Remember, we want fierce which means you need to like to attack. Defending is useful to though. Join the mighty dragon's, more games, more wins, more fun!

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  • Sure Talfan! Do you mind getting your group to challenge us with all the details they prefer. It would be good if we could have 3 days per move also.

    by asupremacy007 2 months ago

  • we will call it raiding smaugs lair if you like

    by Talfan1 2 months ago

  • no auto start please

    by Talfan1 2 months ago

  • The fellowship of the king a group dedicated to the lord of the rings seek a 1+ 3 day standard online challenge open or grade limited we can discuss

    by Talfan1 2 months ago

  • play against a harder group?

    by chessredpanda 3 months ago

  • Well our opponents backed out again. Everyone refuses to play us because we are to Mighty! If anyone knows a good group we could play against that would be good.

    by asupremacy007 3 months ago

  • Hey everyone! Team match against 1860 Munich coming up. We are beating them in rating however we don't have many people playing. If we could get some more people playing, it would be great!!!

    by asupremacy007 3 months ago

  • never know about your match?

    by euf 3 months ago

  • Sorry about the under 1900 ratings thismic and Aliksis7. Next Team Match we have I'll make it under 2000

    by asupremacy007 3 months ago

  • Hey everyone! We have a team match with TSV 1860 MUNICH - THE LIONS! If everyone could join that would be great! The link is below

    by asupremacy007 3 months ago