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Mikhail Tal Fans

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  • Formed: Apr 13, 2009
  • This is the group created for Mikhail Tal Fans! Mikhail Tal (November 9, 1936 – June 28, 1992) was a Soviet-Latvian chess player, a Grandmaster, and the eighth World Chess Champion. He was often called "The magician from Riga" for his daring combinational style. Both The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games (Burgess, Nunn & Emms 2004) and Modern Chess Brilliancies (Evans 1970) include more games by Tal than any other player. Tal was also a highly-regarded chess writer. Many authorities consider him to have been the greatest attacking player of all time.

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  • To play for a draw, at any rate with white, is to some degree a crime against chess. MIkhail Tal

    by duncanduncan 7 weeks ago

  • Hey guys

    by MiniJava 7 weeks ago

  • Beauty in chess from Mikhail Tal http://www.chess.com/blog/stepanosinovsky/beauty-in-chess-one-game-of-mikhail-tal

    by stepanosinovsky 7 weeks ago

  • Would you like to solve some tactic problems ? http://www.chess.com/blog/stepanosinovsky/my-favorite-examples-from-tactics-trainer-2

    by stepanosinovsky 8 weeks ago

  • NOt sure if black can win as white has a lead in development but it seems can win the battle of space later in the game. Wht's Bishops look menacing.

    by royalbishop 2 months ago

  • What is the ECO for that game?

    by royalbishop 2 months ago

  • http://www.chess.com/tournament/sicilian-kan-sharp-shark-attack

    by philippegodon 2 months ago

  • Link to game?

    by royalbishop 2 months ago

  • Nouvelles du Grand Tournois-Sicilian kan Sharp Shark attack Lire ci-dessous les avis du Directeur du tournois Cliquez ici pour retourner à la page d’accueil du tournoi. Come on my friends on this very sharp variation :) Posted by philippegodon on 10 février 2014 04:00 a great sicilian variation for attacking player !

    by philippegodon 2 months ago

  • Example of Domination http://www.chess.com/blog/stepanosinovsky/najdorf-battle--4-domination

    by stepanosinovsky 2 months ago