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Musical Chessmen

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 23, 2013
  • We are a group of chess players who also love music. We also like to play 960 chess. The 960 variation could be called a game of musical chessmen. This is a fitting theme for chess playing musicians. Join us and share your love for music and chess.

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  • Can I be an admin?

    by Violet_D 6 weeks ago

  • Yea, hey, dudes! let us in!

    by camiller0122 5 months ago

  • Wish I knew I need to study more music so I can be as FANCY as PIANO!!! :3 <3's

    by WeisseSchachlade 5 months ago

  • What music are you guys talking about?

    by camiller0122 5 months ago

  • HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

    by VULPES_VULPES 5 months ago

  • HAAAAI PIANO!!! <3's Are you and Violin having nice music together mrrrrhmmm? ;3

    by WeisseSchachlade 11 months ago

  • Sucks that this all has to be read backwards...

    by ClavierCavalier 11 months ago

  • This chord is spelt according to it's resolution, as it can resolve to 4 different harmonies. C - Eb - Gb- Bbb would normally resolve to a Db chord. When looking at these intervals as a melodic interval in a monophonic structure, I suppose this isn't too important. The only difference would probably be that the M6 skip would resolve down by a major 2nd and the d7 would resolve down by a minor 2nd.

    by ClavierCavalier 11 months ago

  • Oh, I found out how to look at older notes! I had to comment about this d7 versus the natural 6th, and I'm assuming that "Major sixth" was meant. A d7 is different than a M6 in it's function. For example, C to A is a M6. Assuming that they're all harmonic tones, and ignoring 9th, 11th, and 13th chords for simplicity, this will be present in IV, iv, or ii7 (or V7/V) harmonies. If we have C - B-double flat, this will only be found in a fully diminished 7th chord.

    by ClavierCavalier 11 months ago

  • yes, please join and help us choose...

    by nameno1had 11 months ago