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  • Houston is not a bad team. They just had a disastrous season. They have all the key Compnonets in place as they has 2 years ago when they lost to the New England Patriots in the Divisional Finals. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, and added Jadaveon Clowney. This team is not bad....

    by POWERHOUS7 5 days ago

  • they lost 7-32 to texans the idiots

    by naruto7666 5 days ago

  • Atlanta Sucks

    by POWERHOUS7 5 days ago

  • NO, I CANNOT. But by the tone of your comment I bet he is gay...

    by Alabasterknight 10 days ago

  • I be tnone of you without looking it up can tell me the Rams #1 Pick in the draft(maybe Coach Morgan could)but everyone could tell me who their 7th Round pick was. Therir 7th Round pick was Political and Disgusting. GOD is not happy at all when People Flaunt sin. It is a low day in the NFL when a manly sport gets corrupted with Unnatural Unmanly activity. We must Pray that GOD will convict Sam of his wicked activity and be what GOD had planeed for him all along.

    by POWERHOUS7 11 days ago

  • yes on both accounts

    by Alabasterknight 11 days ago

  • Robert woods looks good. EJ Manuel needs to start blossoming.

    by POWERHOUS7 12 days ago

  • IF things are looking great in DENVER, they must be looking fantastic in BUFFALO,where the BILLS DISMANTLED the carolina panthers 20-13

    by Alabasterknight 12 days ago

  • Demarcus are looking great in Denvers First preseason game 21-16 over the Defending World Champions Seattle Seahawks. Two Interesting Notes. They will meet in Week 3 of Real Football and last year in the Preseason Seattle beat Denver 40-10. Not the same intensity from the Seahawks like last year. It is alot harder to stay on top than to get to the top

    by POWERHOUS7 12 days ago

  • steelrs fall short to giants 16-20,

    by naruto7666 12 days ago