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  • CJ SPILLAR IS A BEAST...HE CAN SHOULDER THE LOAD.Just 2 years agon had 1,246 yards and didnt even play the whole season......and they did not utilize him right or he would have made it the whole season...they havent made it so long by dividing the carries us...Let the workhorse Spiller take it to the endzone

    by POWERHOUS7 8 hours ago

  • In regards to EJ Manuel,if he does hand the ball off 300xs to CJ SPILLER, THE BILLS will not make the play-offs

    by Alabasterknight 8 hours ago

  • please allow me onelast appeal on behalf of the in - house tournament,please join.

    by Alabasterknight 9 hours ago

  • EJ Manuel has got to come into his own this year or hand the ball offf too CJ SPILLER 300+ TIMES

    by POWERHOUS7 10 hours ago

  • news etc. lanny Watkins, the rookie wr outof Clemson, is a fearless player, according to head coach Doug Maroni

    by Alabasterknight 11 hours ago

  • News on the Bills: Mario Willams is happy,

    by Alabasterknight 12 hours ago

  • well the got rid of the softy 340 Pound Tackle Johnathan Martin, nothing but a big baby and hopefull solidified in every spot on line.....Brent Grimes was hurt again but is healthy this season

    by POWERHOUS7 37 hours ago

  • I didn't realize dolphins got T from Chiefs...nice addition, hopefully this unit gets it done. I think their weakest play has been O line and Secondary lately. Secondary was better lsst year, though.

    by t_taylor 37 hours ago

  • they got the second best back i thought this year in nTyler Gaffney out of Stanford going to the Panthers

    by POWERHOUS7 37 hours ago

  • can i be an admin?

    by naruto7666 37 hours ago