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  • Powerhouse traded (K)Blair Walsh and (DL)Shaun Phillipps to the Dolphins for (DL)Jason Worilds

    by POWERHOUS7 2 days ago

  • he has had plenty of chances and after that Week 1 dominating victory have gotten progressively worse over the last 2 weeks

    by POWERHOUS7 9 days ago

  • I'll have to say I won't miss him if he doesn't " right the ship "

    by t_taylor 10 days ago

  • Philbin is gone, if he does not fet that mess fixed

    by POWERHOUS7 10 days ago

  • Dolphins lose again...several injuries, not that it would matter much. Sad thing is, there isn't much of a good thing the team does. Defense isn't great, passing is terrible. running game is better than it has been in awhile.

    by t_taylor 10 days ago

  • Can I get a list of who has what players so I will know who I can pick up or trade with?

    by Cowboysnation 13 days ago

  • Powerhouse traded (RB) Trent Richardson to the Terror Squad for (RB)Chris Johnson

    by POWERHOUS7 13 days ago

  • IF THE TEAM that is playing you has a player on Thursday Night and plays them, you will be made aware of it.

    by POWERHOUS7 2 weeks ago

  • So does this coming Thursday nights game between Tampa Bay and Atl start our new week? According to the rules and regulations that was sent to me, Thursday starts the new week and therefore we would need to know who we are playing against and their lineup for Thursday night.

    by Cowboysnation 2 weeks ago

  • Congratulations on all of the anniversaries yourwin in your debut week in the NFFL AND I WISH you well in Week 2 of the National Fantasy Football League

    by POWERHOUS7 3 weeks ago