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  • Formed: May 17, 2013
  • For Pro Football lovers to engage in Chess Competitions, Contests, Football Talk and much much more

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  • All are former Buffalo Bills Tom Sestack a

    by Alabasterknight 42 hours ago

  • I WOULD LIKE TO CREATE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE HEAVEN HALL OF FAME. I would like each one of our members to select 8 Players. These Players CANNOT be playing right now. If you really love Football you will know some of the Past Greats. If not do some research.

    by POWERHOUS7 5 days ago

  • I heard that!

    by clms_chess 13 days ago

  • 3 months away Football Season is back..Hallelujah!

    by POWERHOUS7 13 days ago

  • NFL DRAFT coming the end of this month April 30- May 2nd

    by POWERHOUS7 7 weeks ago

  • Hi

    by johnny_BACON 3 months ago

  • Trading Deadline Tomorrow. The Powerhouse traded (DB)Antoine Cason to the New Breed for (DB)Brent Grimes

    by POWERHOUS7 6 months ago

  • The POWERHOUSE traded (WR)Jimmy Graham to the DRAGONSLAYERS for(WR)Demaryious Thomas and (DL)Von Miller

    by POWERHOUS7 6 months ago

  • The POWERHOUSE traded (WR)Julio Jones, (K)Matt Prater(DB)Brent Grimes to the NEW BREED for(WR)Jimmy Graham and (DB)Tyrann Mattheiu

    by POWERHOUS7 6 months ago

  • Flacco or trade for anothe QB or for a Pickup of a QB Or wait till Foles has missed 2 weeks. You have alot of options

    by POWERHOUS7 7 months ago