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New Athens

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • Part chess... part historical re-enactment...

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  • I've been kind of on a chess lull in the last couple months (darn that real life!). Hope everyone in New Athens is doing well!

    by ZeldasCrown 2 weeks ago

  • My lasts comment was in 2 months.

    by LazorSword 2 weeks ago

  • No you haven't. Nor have I. Shall we arrange some matches? I've already got one going against Blake's7 but there's only me and ZeldasCrown in that one since it's a very narrow rating range for us.

    by shahhussainkcl 2 weeks ago

  • how is everyone here. I have not been here for too long.

    by LazorSword 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks for signing up to the match, ZeldasCrown. Anyone else in the 1300-1500 range want to join us?

    by shahhussainkcl 5 weeks ago

  • I've accepted a match challenge for 1-10 1300-1500 rated players. Who else is around? And who can help me out with this?

    by shahhussainkcl 5 weeks ago

  • i guess so. Mabe we were taken over.

    by LazorSword 2 months ago

  • But then there was Rome..... I am always here and my legions as well.

    by Stormbringer 7 months ago

  • Quite a peaceful place, it seems as it were no "new" but the "old" Athens

    by arjikaisa 7 months ago

  • This place is very inactive

    by oneawesomeperson123 7 months ago