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New Athens

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • Part chess... part historical re-enactment...

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  • Grow the team? Sounds like a good idea.

    by LazorSword 7 weeks ago

  • And the Roman Senate. http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/achaea-roman-province

    by Stormbringer 8 weeks ago

  • jonathanstepney makes decisions like that.

    by shahhussainkcl 8 weeks ago

  • Why not grow the team? Do you need help? I can do invites for one team yet, if interested contact me....

    by Danny_Heisman 8 weeks ago

  • True that

    by Sun777 2 months ago

  • It's more an archaeological site now. Have a look around to see what we used to do around here.

    by shahhussainkcl 2 months ago

  • Wow, this team is the definition of inactive :(

    by Danny_Heisman 2 months ago

  • .

    by Danny_Heisman 2 months ago

  • HI Athens, hope you will accept our team challenge for Legio II

    by Daywalker01 4 months ago

  • Dear friends! Team Novosibirsk (Russia) invites you to a match. Good luck to all! :)

    by uncleDima 6 months ago