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New Athens

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • Part chess... part historical re-enactment...

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  • Please sign up. We need extra players for "BLACK KNIGHT CHESS vs New Athens" match. Strong players would be good. I don't think me and gazebo can repel this attack on the city by these dastardly BLACK KNIGHTS.

    by shahhussainkcl 3 days ago

  • That was bigred's goodbye message. He was lamenting having to ditch the group while cleaning up his membership. Fear not though, he's still a member with one of our co-conspirators... The Romans (under stormbringer). I'm sure he'll return whenever New Athens is reawakened by whatever trigger makes that happen. The city is a sleeping giant at the moment.

    by shahhussainkcl 5 days ago

  • I do too. jumbomuffin224 is gone, so I believe we need another Super Admin.

    by LazorSword 5 days ago

  • i hate to see the fall of such a good group...

    by bigred74 5 days ago

  • wohoo, let the 'invasion' begin ;=)

    by Daywalker01 7 weeks ago

  • Accepted. Let's do it.

    by shahhussainkcl 7 weeks ago

  • Athens, ye have been challenged: http://www.chess.com/groups/view_team_match_challenge?id=729392

    by Daywalker01 7 weeks ago

  • I think you're right. They are quite a tough group but let's see what we can muster.

    by shahhussainkcl 2 months ago

  • I just started a war between the power of chess. Hope they aren't the Spartans to us, because they seem pretty tough.

    by LazorSword 2 months ago

  • I've been kind of on a chess lull in the last couple months (darn that real life!). Hope everyone in New Athens is doing well!

    by ZeldasCrown 3 months ago