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New Athens

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • Part chess... part historical re-enactment...

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  • i guess so. Mabe we were taken over.

    by LazorSword 8 days ago

  • But then there was Rome..... I am always here and my legions as well.

    by Stormbringer 5 months ago

  • Quite a peaceful place, it seems as it were no "new" but the "old" Athens

    by arjikaisa 5 months ago

  • This place is very inactive

    by oneawesomeperson123 5 months ago

  • Major Athenian news in the news

    by LazorSword 7 months ago

  • I don't think i have ever faced a sandbagger.

    by LazorSword 8 months ago

  • And fewer opportunities for sandbagging compared to online tournaments.

    by shahhussainkcl 8 months ago

  • I didn't know what a Swiss-style tournament was but it looks like just about anyone could win a live tournament since you're almost always playing people of roughly your own skill.

    by shahhussainkcl 8 months ago

  • Sounds like a plan.

    by CaptainPike 8 months ago

  • Fine, sir. I've made some new years resolutions and one of them is to use up my Gold Member daily budget of 3 chess mentor lessons, 25 tactics, and 3 live tournaments. I think the last one might be a bit much.

    by shahhussainkcl 8 months ago