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New Hampshire

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 20, 2011
  • This is the group for all players of New Hampshire that want to represent New Hampshire in the US Chess League and against other teams.

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  • I received this message today: I was wondering if NH or maybe Northern New England would be interested in submitting a team for next season's US Team Chess League on The league is composde of teams from most states but New England has been underrepresented.

    by VryIntllgNUT 13 days ago

  • Playing in my first tournment this month in the Queen City Tornado. Playing in the U1300. Anyone have any suggestions

    by Pollux5524 2 months ago

  • Here is a Blitz event over in Keene, NH coming up next week.

    by VryIntllgNUT 3 months ago

  • The Queen City Open may return, there was a problem with venue and the Queen City Tornado was the best altertative at the time.

    by VryIntllgNUT 3 months ago

  • Queen City Tornado is good, but this is not the Queen City Open which had a longer time control. Sad to see it ending if that's the case.

    by Capa_a 3 months ago

  • Ent: NHCA, c/o Hal Terrie, 377 Huse Rd. #23, Manchester, NH 03103. Info: or (603) 668-8368.

    by VryIntllgNUT 3 months ago

  • Re Queen City Open -- who's the organizer (or, where do advance entries get mailed? Thanks for the post!!

    by dgrant116 4 months ago

  • Feb. 22 Queen City Tornado Trophies Plus Grand Prix Points: 6 4SS, G/60 d5. Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm St. (Granite St. exit off I-293), Manchester, NH. $$G 1,000 in 3 Sections: Open, open to all. EF: $36 if rec'd by 2/20, $41 at site; free to GMs and IMs. $$G: $180-110-70; Top U2000 $100. Under 1800, open to U1800 or Unr. EF: $36 if rec'd by 2/20, $41 at site. $$G: $130-70-50; Top U1500 $60. No Unr. may win over $70. Under 1300, open to U1300 or Unr. EF: $32 ($28 to jrs. U21) if rec'd by 2/20,

    by VryIntllgNUT 4 months ago

  • There's no Queen City Open this year?

    by Capa_a 4 months ago

  • Hello from Rochester

    by mujestyc 5 months ago