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New Mexico Chess Players

  • New Mexico, USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 24, 2008
  • This group is for people that play chess in the beautiful state of New Mexico. The primary goal of this group is to compete in the US State Chess League, but If you're from NM, play chess in NM, or are just interested in NM, feel free to join! Post analysis of your games here, or advertise your own local events too.

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  • Qa'pla! First to join in the battle!

    by GeneralChang 4 days ago

  • Registration open for a new for fun only match. http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=431286

    by s7silver 4 days ago

  • thass right....the other place with no coffee or food available...i get em confused...

    by javablanca 10 days ago

  • Not at the Senior Center. At Foothills Baptist Church

    by RWHaines 10 days ago

  • be a hoot, that is...oil....texas tea...

    by javablanca 10 days ago

  • nope. its at the senior center...the NM Open is slated for nm tech in socorro....itll be the nicest venue ive seen in nm in all my born days....maybe even a 40/120 g/60 time control since its 5 rounds over three days...wouldnt that be a hot...a tournament where ou actually have to make timecontrol...here in new mexico...tarnation!!

    by javablanca 10 days ago

  • wasn't the August 2nd blitz supposed to be in Socorro?

    by RWHaines 10 days ago

  • Beer 'eh?

    by TheBlueKnight9 2 weeks ago

  • mmmm, hosers

    by RWHaines 2 weeks ago

  • dont know who he is, but canadians are tasty dishes nonetheless....

    by javablanca 2 weeks ago