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New Mexico Chess Players

  • New Mexico, USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 24, 2008
  • This group is for people that play chess in the beautiful state of New Mexico. The primary goal of this group is to compete in the US State Chess League, but If you're from NM, play chess in NM, or are just interested in NM, feel free to join! Post analysis of your games here, or advertise your own local events too.

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  • Glad you back up!

    by GeneralChang 7 days ago

  • Thank you Master Haines! I thought maybe you got lost in Phoenix!

    by wbarela 7 days ago

  • Just a note here for Steve Perea, Will Barela, and Dean Brunton. My computer has been down most of August. I just got back up today. Now I'm unable to send e-mail at the moment. Should be fixed by the weekend. I'll write you then. If anyone knows them and can pass this along I'd be most grateful.

    by RWHaines 7 days ago

  • *boards

    by BigDoggProblem 6 weeks ago

  • Stay in, Currents. They're matching up favorably against our top board, Java's time-out explosion notwithstanding.

    by BigDoggProblem 6 weeks ago

  • You can take me out of the match vs. Arizona if it makes sense to even up the matches.

    by Currents 6 weeks ago

  • I will keep that in mind Java.

    by s7silver 7 weeks ago

  • feel free to boot me from match so lower rated players can play if it can be done without really impacting chances

    by javablanca 7 weeks ago

  • We have to lock by July 17th. I am hoping they still come up with more players so that more of our lower boards will get to play.

    by s7silver 7 weeks ago

  • when does mtch start?

    by javablanca 7 weeks ago