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New Mexico Chess Players

  • New Mexico, USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 24, 2008
  • This group is for people that play chess in the beautiful state of New Mexico. The primary goal of this group is to compete in the US State Chess League, but If you're from NM, play chess in NM, or are just interested in NM, feel free to join! Post analysis of your games here, or advertise your own local events too.

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  • Here is the match link http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=547206 please join if you can and lets make this a winning season!!

    by s7silver 38 hours ago

  • The first match of what they are calling the USCL 2016 season is upon us! We finished last place in division 1 last season so we have been demoted to division 2 and our first match is against team Arizona.

    by s7silver 38 hours ago

  • Congrats General!

    by s7silver 3 days ago

  • OMG!! I just found out I was awarded the 2015 National Special Service Award from the United States Chess Federation! Thanks to my students, chess community, my chess colleges and my mentor Master Robert Haines. I will receive the award August 8 in Arizona at the 116th U.S. Open!

    by GeneralChang 3 days ago

  • New friendly match against Oregon is open for registration. http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=522546

    by s7silver 2 months ago

  • Sorry Blew my last game as black...blundered early.

    by javablanca 3 months ago

  • Hi all, I moved to Santa Fe recently, anyone else here from Santa Fe?

    by nothingtoenvy 3 months ago

  • I lost my game on time, sorry. I was sick :(

    by TheBlueKnight9 4 months ago

  • Maybe we need to do more recruiting for matches, I admit that I was not as on top of things this last season. Anyone interested in becoming an Admin and trying to stir up some more excitment about the USCL?

    by s7silver 4 months ago

  • Well at least we won one match this season. Most likely we will be demoted to Division B for next season after our poor showing this one. Not really sure what happened, considering we did so well the last few seasons.

    by s7silver 4 months ago