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New Orleans Chess Club

  • New Orleans United States 
  • Formed: Feb 28, 2010
  • This group has been founded to unite chess.com members in the New Orleans area, and also anyone with both an interest in chess, Paul Morphy, or an appreciation of New Orleans in its chess history or in any other area.

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  • Thanks yall

    by 9_milli 6 months ago

  • Got families in covington/mandeville area and hope to hook up with a chess club while visiting in the future. Just joined to keep in touch.

    by Chess4Him 6 months ago

  • Chess in NOLA. Call bad Bob Ballard at 504-710-9975. He runs two clubs on both sides of the Bridge. He also has a house he opens up next to the airport for informal skittles a few nights a week. Everybody pops in for a few quick games from the state champ to the kids who just learned the moves. No charge! Call him.

    by heavygeardiver 6 months ago

  • I attempted organizing a tournament in this group a few years ago and no one would join. Lack of cooperation is why it is dead. I guess I could try again though.

    by Gontar 7 months ago

  • I havent lived there in a few years but I could usually pick up a game at Envy downtown or at Zotz on Oak St.

    by kemistree4 7 months ago

  • Group might be dead but I am looking to play chess in person. Also, looking for a place where I could learn a little. I live in New Orleans but I am not a Chess Federation member. Is there anywhere for me to play?

    by 9_milli 7 months ago

  • is this group dead

    by masterhaze 8 months ago

  • I am out here

    by OOrtega92 13 months ago

  • Is there anybody out there.

    by remlov 16 months ago

  • Pawnahedgotobed!!

    by heavygeardiver 21 months ago

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