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New Orleans Chess Club

  • New Orleans United States 
  • Formed: Feb 28, 2010
  • This group has been founded to unite chess.com members in the New Orleans area, and also anyone with both an interest in chess, Paul Morphy, or an appreciation of New Orleans in its chess history or in any other area.

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  • I am out here

    by OOrtega92 6 weeks ago

  • Is there anybody out there.

    by remlov 4 months ago

  • Pawnahedgotobed!!

    by heavygeardiver 10 months ago

  • Gontar, why don't we play matches, vote chess, or participate in world cities league?

    by chessdex 10 months ago

  • This group isn't active at all.

    by chessdex 10 months ago

  • Can i be admin. I live in New Orleans and know other people to invite who are from New Orleans.

    by chessdex 10 months ago

  • Giaveno, this is not a team. It's a club.

    by Gontar 12 months ago

  • No one here speaks French that I know of. Btw, if you're wondering I attempted to organize a tournament recently here and no one would participate. But maybe we could try again.

    by Gontar 12 months ago

  • I run the Treme Chess Club we meet on Monday nights 6:30-9:00 and Saturday Mornings 10-1:30 at Cafe Fatoush in the New Orleans Healing Center 3473 St Claude Ave, New Orleans LA 70117 We have G/15 tournaments on Mondays and G/40 tournaments on Satirdays both USCF rated for $1

    by remlov 15 months ago

  • Ditto... is this Club active?

    by Monkeykungfu 23 months ago

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