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North Dakota Roughriders

  • North Dakota, USA United States 
  • Formed: May 13, 2011
  • The Official Team of North Dakota, for those who call the Peace Garden State home. Join to participate in state tournaments, discussions, and team match play.

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  • I embedded A old movie starring Capablanca on the Battle of the Dakotas topic.. I hope you like it.. :)

    by NDsteve 5 months ago

  • Hi I just joined this group.. I have played Mike Sailer A couple times in uscf, Noticed he has not been on line for A couple months.. Please tell him I,m here. He knows me I used to play against his Father When I was young. :)

    by NDsteve 5 months ago

  • Anyone want to play a game or 7?

    by LimeFlavored 19 months ago