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Oklahoma Sooners

  • United States 
  • Formed: Oct 16, 2010
  • Fans, graduates, good people

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  • SOONER !!!!

    by RulebyForce 23 months ago

  • Thats ok well get them the next time

    by bezerker3 2 years ago

  • good job bezerker.... I should have gotten sweep on my opponent for the win

    by RulebyForce 2 years ago

  • Our Sooner vs UNC match ended in a draw

    by bezerker3 2 years ago

  • I'm ready anytime you want to lock the UNC match

    by bezerker3 3 years ago

  • sorry for my absence.. I hope everyone had happy holidays and wish everyone a happy new year!

    by getbetter 3 years ago

  • yea, let's do it.

    by RulebyForce 3 years ago

  • The Ohio State Buckeyes Group has challenged us to a team match. Any Sooners interested?

    by rednblack 3 years ago

  • between earth quakes, plane crashes, and football team disastors..... I am really not sure what to think..... gottta get better for us from here..... got too.

    by RulebyForce 3 years ago

  • Bad week for OU and OSU, what a bummer!!!

    by bezerker3 3 years ago