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  • PERSIA(IRAN) International 
  • Formed: Jun 7, 2013
  • The name 'Persia' comes from 'Pers' which is in turn the European version of 'Pars' - an area that is today a province of Iran. 2,500 years ago, when the present provinces of Iran were kingdoms [at one time Iran (then Airan) consisted of 240 kingdoms*], Pars was known as Parsa, and the kings of Parsa established an empire that came to be known in the West as the Persian Empire - the largest empire the world have ever known to that point. In those days, Parsa was the dominant kingdom of all the Iranian or Aryan kingdoms. پرشیا نام چند هزار ساله ایران بود که از دوره رضا شاه و به دستور رضا شاه این نام به ایران تغییر یافت

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  • "I prefer to lose a really good game than to win a bad one." - David Levy

    by BobG1 9 hours ago

  • lol hows your day Sanaz?

    by BobG1 14 hours ago

  • Haha.... Oki, i accept! Thx.... Hello jhames:)

    by sanazstar 14 hours ago

  • Sanaz ok just 1/2 of it then lol Hi jhames :)

    by BobG1 15 hours ago

  • Hello persia!

    by jhamesbryan24 19 hours ago

  • Wowww! Its too much for me... Lol👻🎅

    by sanazstar 24 hours ago

  • "A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking."- Unknown

    by BobG1 32 hours ago

  • The world Sanaz!!! :))

    by BobG1 35 hours ago

  • What you want to give me as a gift bob?

    by sanazstar 35 hours ago

  • lol I'm good too Sanaz! :)

    by BobG1 35 hours ago