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Philidor Defense

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 11, 2010
  • Some refers it as "solid". Some even refers to it as "passive". But have you ever heard it being called "aggressive", "tactical" or maybe even "insane"!? The original idea behind the Philidor was actually a very aggressive one, to secure the center and prepare the amazing advance f5!? Or have you ever heard of the sharp "philidor dragon"? Black can also create a lot of different solid formations where he's slowly making progress behind a solid wall of pawns. White players will often grow impatient and desperately run towards blacks king, but the only thing they are truly running towards is their own destruction. The philidor is full of interesting ideas which most players haven't even heard of. In fact most players doesn't even bother looking at the philidor at all! If your interested in this versatile defense, join this group and start exploring the interesting world of the philidor.