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Piano Players of Chess.com.

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 11, 2009
  • People who play, loves the sound, or used to play the piano. We are a group who loves classical music. We are trained classically and by the best teachers around.

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  • Still no action. Is this group just for show?

    by safagatws 8 weeks ago

  • :)

    by EarnestDignity 8 months ago

  • that's the trouble with piano players....we're doing busy playing music!

    by pianoguy58 8 months ago

  • I second the motion

    by safagatws 8 months ago

  • Welshboyo, your adm have not been on line in a year or two. No matches, no vote chess, need help? How about a group tourny to kick up spirit a little?

    by joe7don 8 months ago

  • Where'd everybody go?

    by joe7don 8 months ago

  • Hi

    by zyzh 9 months ago

  • [warm smile]

    by EarnestDignity 9 months ago

  • Thank you for encouraging me, Edward :) I like the piano, and the piano music.

    by ichigomilk 9 months ago

  • Hi, Ichigo :) I encourage you to do that when you can. Piano music is a Wonderful gift.

    by EarnestDignity 9 months ago

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new guy here 4 2/9/11 pianoguy58
Favourite piece 21 11/15/09 ItalianGame
Hey Guys! 2 10/29/09 Chessisfun9
Favourite composer 27 10/18/09 ItalianGame
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