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Piano Players of Chess.com.

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 11, 2009
  • People who play, loves the sound, or used to play the piano. We are a group who loves classical music. We are trained classically and by the best teachers around.

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  • Now there's an offer!

    by welshboyo 25 minutes ago

  • Only if you boogie with me.

    by Snapdragon 7 hours ago

  • Boogie along..!

    by welshboyo 8 hours ago

  • Please! I was in the middle of a dream!

    by Snapdragon 8 hours ago

  • Yes, slumbering piano players awake!

    by welshboyo 14 hours ago

  • join my tournament "Amadeus"!

    by jussuf 20 hours ago

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVKtL9VU8rQ

    by LivingLifeForLove 2 months ago

  • Hey there guys. I think this will work but if not just go type in the link and it will take you to an original video of Piano Man by Billy Joel.

    by LivingLifeForLove 2 months ago

  • I'll be accompanying a singer this Sunday in a lovely little song composed for her by a Latvian composer in honor of her late husband. Anyway, the melody is a haunting and beautiful one. The accompaniment is slightly off-beat and has a lot of discords in it -- precisely the sort of thing I have difficult learning -- but together, they sound truly beautiful.

    by Snapdragon 3 months ago

  • Oh, you feel free to change endings you don't like? That's most interesting.

    by Snapdragon 3 months ago