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Pianoman4's Study Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 17, 2012
  • We also do occasional vote chess and team matches, but the main point of this group is for fan's of my instructive blog posts to be notified when I create a new post.

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  • hi

    by I_Hope_I_Crush_You 9 months ago

  • *BUMP*

    by Samsch 15 months ago

  • Sorry I'm taking so long on my posts, I will try to post soon. The only holdup is that I'm also trying to become a registered coach here so once this is done I will post more often.

    by pianoman4 18 months ago

  • thx pianoman4

    by kadoctoreipRgeg__ 18 months ago

  • the opening now formed is that which the Italians have entitled the "Giuoco Piano;" an opening, less attacking than many others, but one perfectly safe for both players, and therefore always in request, and which usually generates games of the most solid and instructive kind. totally agree with this sentence found on http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16377/16377-h/16377-h.htm#Pg_74

    by kadoctoreipRgeg__ 18 months ago

  • My Giuoco Pianissimo tourney will start tommorow so join now if you havn't yet!

    by pianoman4 19 months ago

  • I hope you got good antivirus and one exellent legal site http://www.chesshistory.com/winter/winter13.html#3869._One_player_or_two_C.N._3861

    by kadoctoreipRgeg__ 19 months ago

  • ok The link is http://thepiratebay.se/search/chess/0/7/200,300,400,600

    by kadoctoreipRgeg__ 19 months ago

  • sure you can post them in Pianoman4's Study Group

    by pianoman4 19 months ago

  • in witch forum's is a good question?? i got the wacky idea after paulified22's note.

    by kadoctoreipRgeg__ 19 months ago